Friday, 22 June 2018

An Interview with Brenda Mohammed

Yvonne Daniels interviewed Author Brenda Mohammed

1.How did you decide what genre to write?

I am a multi-genre writer and have written eighteen books to date.
The first book I wrote was I am Cancer Free – A Memoir in 2013.
I wrote that book to tell people suffering from that disease, cancer does not have to be a death sentence.
That book won first place in non-fiction in McGrath’s House Indie Book Awards in 2016.
It also received a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite.
After that, I wrote six memoirs My Life as a Banker, Retirement is Fun, Travel Memoirs with Pictures, Memoirs of Dr. Andrew M. Khan, [my father’s memoirs, which received four five-star reviews from Readers Favorite] a spiritual memoir, Your Time is Now, and a Dog’s Tale She Cried For Me.

I tried fiction because of something that my brother said to me prior to his death. He wrote in reference to my book, ‘My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living,”
“Your book makes very pleasant reading, and your literary expression is superb and easy to follow. You have an excellent talent, and I think you should follow up on a leisurely basis with perhaps publishing a book of short stories. With fiction, you will have greater opportunity to use your imagination and your undoubted descriptive ability. You used the word “fantasize” to create a situation. This is an outstanding quality, which you should continue to use because it is imagination, which disposes of everything, coming from within you. It creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world.”

I took my brother’s advice and in the year 2014 wrote, ‘Heart-Warming Tales,’ ‘Stories People Love, and Adventures of Squeaky Doo.’ The three books are short story collections.

An idea for a science fiction series came to me and in February 2016, I published Zeeka and the Zombies: Revenge of Zeeka Book 1.
Within a few months, I released Zeeka’s Child Book 2, and Zeeka Returns Book 3.
The series scored a double with Readers Favorite.
I had compiled the first three books into a trilogy called Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy.
In September 2016, I submitted the trilogy to Readers Favorite for a free review.
The book received a five-star review and five-star seal.
The following year I added two more books to the series - Zeeka’s Ghost Book 4 and Resurrection Book 5.
I compiled the five books into one book called Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka.
I sent it to Readers Favorite for a free review and it received a five-star review and five-star seal.
A fan nominated the book for the Metamorph Publishing Summer Indies Book Awards.
It won Best Science Fiction third place in September 2017.

2.When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I did not plan to be a writer.
I loved my former careers.
I was a former Bank Manager and upon retirement I ventured into Insurance Underwriting.
I was successful in both careers but a diagnosis of cancer changed my life.
I am now happy to be a writer.

3.How do you research for your plot and characters?

I must admit that I had no fixed method for writing my books.
My Memoirs and that of my father’s are life experiences and required no research.
With the fictional short stories some of them are based on true events in the lives of people I know.
For the Zeeka series the upsurge in the zika virus led me to compile the series. I was rather immersed in that series and felt as if the characters told me what to write.
I used certain medical terms which I researched on the internet.

4.What's your latest book you published?

The latest book I published was How to Write For Success in December 2017.
I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with new and aspiring writers.
The book received a five=star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite on 31st December 2017.

5.You have travelled a lot. Do you use your travels as setting for your books?

No. I have travelled a lot and details of my travels are in one book, Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the World which is an illustrated picture book filled with reflections of my travels around the world.
In this pictorial travel book of my priceless memories, I describe places visited and the wonderful times my family and I had in our tourist trips.
The book is great to read while on a vacation or for some travel inspiration.
I have referred to some of my travels in my other memoirs.
However, most of my stories, besides the Zeeka series which is set on a fictitious island in the future, are set in my home country, Trinidad in the Caribbean.

6.What type of heroine do you like to create - a strong one that's not afraid of tears, or a meek one who overcomes her fears?

Depending on the story I use both types of heroines to provide contrast.

7.Do you have someone who you base your hero on?

No. I do not have any particular person in mind when I write my stories.

8.What makes you decide to write a series or standalone?

Writing a series gives me time to figure out in what direction the story should take.
A series is also easier on the reader.
Reviewers commented that they appreciated the break in the stories as they are bedtime readers.

9.What about your family: do they read your books?

Yes. My sisters and children look forward to reading my books.
My husband although very supportive, does not like to read. However, he loves to read the book reviews.

10.What subject will you write about in the future?

I love to experiment with other genres and right now I am writing a romance novel, The Gift of Love.

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EMagazine Readers Choice Awards

How can one man misuse science for revenge? 
In a futuristic world, despite advanced technology and modern scientific methods, human nature remains the same.
Science can be used to do harm in the wrong hands.
The trend towards vigilante justice can exacerbate as newer generations become bolder, braver, and more educated.
Such was the case on the fictitious island of Gosh in the year 2036.
One man used science coupled with his authoritative position to seek revenge for something he could not forgive and forget.
Zombies, ghosts, and robots all play out their rolls creating twists and turns, in every chapter of this futuristic tale of action and mystery.
Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka, a science fiction novel, has once more been nominated for an award.
The award competition is run by Melanie Smith of EMagazine.
I do not like to beg for votes but these competitions only use votes. I need daily votes for ZEEKA CHRONICLES. You can vote daily at this link. VOTE NOW No sign in required. Every day the words will change to Vote Now until 1st August.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

What You Need To Know About Writing for Success.

Discover What You Need To Know About How To Write For Success.

In 'How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received.' the author shares with new and aspiring authors valuable nuggets of truth.

Using her own experiences she focuses on the essentials of writing a book to which readers will gravitate.

The book covers plotting, writing dialogue, narrative, building a story world, choosing a book title, writing the blurb, what an author should do before and after publishing, choosing categories, creating an author brand, book marketing, and most of all how to get sales and reviews.

It does not end there.

She shows how you can achieve recognition in an author's world and become successful.

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The book teaches skills to achieve your dreams and goals.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My Father's Day Gifts for my Dad - Dr. Andrew M. Khan

Today I received two Express Reviews from Readers Favorite for Memoirs of Dr. A.M. Khan: Journey of an Educator.
These are my Father's Day Gifts to my Dad.

Here are the reviews:

5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review! Get your free 5-star seal!

Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator by Mrs. Brenda C. Mohammed is a biography that follows the life of a great man while providing wonderful social and cultural commentaries on the era in which he lived.
It is during the days of indentureship in Trinidad and Tobago, and readers are introduced to a period in history when few people were interested in education.
Against this backdrop, the son of uneducated, indentured immigrants from India, Mr. and Mrs. Sultan Khan, overcame all kinds of challenges to acquire the education he needed and to set an example for his generation.
Thanks to his assiduity, dedication, and strong values, he was quickly promoted to a school principal and subsequently to the Superintendent of schools.
Readers encounter an educator who led by example, a man who would become the first Presiding Elder in the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago.
This biography is well researched and the author allows the subject to speak for himself through the narrative by making references to Dr. Khan’s own memoirs.
The writing is beautiful, journalistic, and it is enriched by the social commentaries and historical references that allow readers vivid glimpses of what life was like in the first half of the twentieth century.
The setting comes out clearly and while the reader gets a clear picture of locales and places, the author catches the soul of the people in a brilliant way.
Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator is a book that will appeal to anyone who loves biographies of great men.
It is inspiring and hugely informative.
Mrs. Brenda C. Mohammed does a great job in bringing to readers a work that will inspire them and compel them to consider their own contribution to history.


Gisela Dixon
Review Rating:
5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review! Get your free 5-star seal!

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator by Mrs. Brenda C. Mohammed is a non-fiction memoir on the life, work, and thoughts of Andrew Moonir Khan.
This book is compiled together by Dr. Khan’s daughter, Brenda, but a lot of the book contains writing in Dr. Khan’s own voice and his own hand, taken from his memoirs he had written before he passed away.
The book describes his parents' background as indentured Indians who migrated to Trinidad and Tobago around the turn of the last century to work on the sugarcane plantations.
Both of his parents had married before and divorced, and so this was the second marriage for both of them. Andrew Khan describes their house, the tropical lushness of the surroundings, his own childhood games and interests, school and education, his first job, his career as an educator and teacher in Trinidad, his period of stay in London on a government scholarship, his involvement in the church and his faith, and his lifelong commitment to the cause of education.
What I liked about Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan the most, is that it depicts life in Trinidad about 100 years ago, which is little known to the outside world these days.
The history of so many immigrants, including Indians, who immigrated there is one that needs to be told.
I also liked that Mrs. Brenda C. Mohammed has included so many reminiscences and firsthand accounts and memories of various people who knew Dr. Andrew Khan, all of which portray a vivid picture of the man more than a mere biography can do.
Dr. Khan’s ethics, morals, and teachings are an inspiration and, above all, present a humanitarian point of view.
I also very much appreciated his ideas on the importance of education and equal rights and opportunities for women everywhere.
This is a short and compelling read by Mrs. Brenda C. Mohammed which I would certainly recommend.

Read a sample of the memoir below.

You are not around anymore but your name lives on. Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Read all the reviews at Readers Favorite.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

All about Cinebooks

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Monday, 14 May 2018

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