Monday, 15 July 2019


The long awaited day for the booksigning arrived - Saturday July 13th 2019.
It was raining a lot that morning and I wondered if I had chosen a bad day.
The manager of the bookstore told me to be there for 3.30 pm but we arrived in the mall at 3.00 pm
The bookstore had no spare table, and fortunately one of our cousins with a variety store next to the bookstore lent us a table and two chairs.
I had taken a white lace tablecloth, which I had bought in Cartagena, Columbia, on one of my vacations, to cover the table.
It fit perfectly.
We unpacked the books and laid them out.
The manager of the bookstore lent us some plastic book stands to display the books.
The Books on display were as follows:
Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka
My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living
Stories People Love
How to Write for Success
Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy
Your Time is Now: A Time to be born and a Time to Die.
I am Cancer Free
Adventures of Squeaky Doo: A Teddy Bear's Adventures
Memoirs of Dr.Andrew Moonir Khan:Journey of an Educator
I also carried a stock of the world-famous book KATASHI TALES authored by Shiju H Pallithazheth of Muscat, Oman.
I signed books, for those who bought, on his behalf as Chief Editor.
The crowd all complimented the display and remarked at the beautiful covers which they said attracted them to buy.
I could not sit down for a minute.
Luckily, Starbucks was close by, and my son got us all yougurt drinks.
People who had a burning desire to become writers purchased HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS.
Science Fiction Lovers bought Zeeka Chronicles and Zeeka and the Zombies.
Teachers bought Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan.
Some chose Your time is Now.
Others who preferred Romance stories bought Stories People Love.
Children chose Adventures of Squeaky Doo and Katashi Tales.
A former government official, who is a great supporter of LITERATURE attended the event and purchased two books- Zeeka Chronicles and Katashi Tales.
The best-selling books were How to Write for Success, Stories People Love, Zeeka Chronicles, Zeeka and the Zombies, Katashi Tales, Your Time is Now, Memoirs of Dr. A. M. Khan, and Adventures of Squeaky Doo
Special thanks to Narendra Rajkumar, Adrian Mohammed, Andre Mohammed, and Florabelle Lutchman, for taking photographs and videos.
Florabelle helped me to prepare invoices.
The procedure was that we prepare our own invoices, send the customer into the store to pay, and after they came back I signed each book.
RIK SERVICES BOOK WORLD took 20% of the sales and gave me my portion in cash right after closing time.
Thanks to the Management of RIK Services and to all who purchased books.
For me, it was a trial event with nine out of the 21 books I published.
More books will be available at RIK Services Book World, at my home, and on Amazon.
It was a very successful event and the whole team felt satisfied.
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Thursday, 20 June 2019



Dear Readers, Today I have insider news for you.

As Editor, I was very fortunate to have read THE GHOST WISDOM by Author Shiju H Pallithazheth, before the release of the book.

The author has written this inspiring book with guidance from a cosmic force which he refers to as a Ghost.

The contents of this book will amaze readers. Each of the eleven chapters has ten whispers from the ghost That is a total of 110 whispers, which deal with every aspect of human behaviour.
All eleven chapters are filled with literary medicine for the soul.

The author’s first encounter with the ghost is in Oman, his place of residence.

Thereafter, as he travelled around the world, the ghost turned up at appropriate times to impart the information to him. He was always careful to take notes of these words of wisdom on his phone, and later developed his interpretation of each one.

This book, which is filled with valuable lessons to achieve happiness in life, is a treat to read, as the ghost follows the author to Georgia, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Prague, France, and Armenia. I felt as if I was actually present in those places as the author vividly described each country where he encountered the smoky image.

I was fascinated with the author’s explanations of many human behavioural traits and how we can benefit by applying his principles. The very first chapter about learning to face the world from the perspective of a curious child was absolutely profound.

Every word within the pages gripped my mind because it struck me as truth.

The author has written this masterpiece as an adventure story through the path of wisdom.
Amusement and powerful lessons to raise your hair is the end result.

After the incredible success of Shiju H. Pallithazheth’s first book Katashi Tales, this takes you on a magical journey to a totally different ambiance that will give all readers goosebumps. It’s a powerful book.

I gained greater confidence to achieve anything I want in life after reading this book.

I commend Author Shiju H Pallithazheth for sharing his invaluable wisdom and knowledge within the contents of this book.

I recommend The Ghost Wisdom to every adult person on earth.

It is a five-star read.

THE GHOST WISDOM will be published before the end of June.

Meanwhile, you can check out the Author Page on AMAZON at this link.

Friday, 7 June 2019



Love is profound admiration that binds each other.
Mutual feelings of adoration for one another.
Paying deep respect and eager devotion always.
Love can be expressed in many serene ways.

Love is never being cruel and unjust to your partner.
Seeking out ways to make him/her suffer.
Using every excuse to trade responsibilities.
Addicted to social evils which ruin your capabilities.

Too many people take their loved ones for granted.
Passion becomes extinct and love is resented.
Affectionate words are no longer spoken.
Blaming each other when trust is broken.

Emotional and financial abuse breaks a marriage,
If a spouse resorts to gambling it causes serious damage.
The intervention of a counsellor may be the answer,
If the spouses decide to make a marriage better.




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Saturday, 1 June 2019

A book to teach children Geography and Cultures

Children love Squeaky Doo. You will too.
This short story collection teaches children Geography, Cultures, and love for pets.
Adventures of Squeaky Doo: A Teddy Bear's Adventures is the Travel Memoirs of Squeaky Doo, a child's short story collection..
1. Squeaky Doo on the Beach - Squeaky Doo has a scary adventure on the beach. You will want to keep on reading to see how it all ends.
2. Squeaky Doo in California - Visit the National History Museum in Los Angeles with Squeaky Doo. You will be thrilled.
3. Squeaky Doo in Orlando - Ever been to Holy Land in Orlando? Squeaky Doo will take you there.
4. Squeaky Doo goes on a Cruise - Sail aboard a cruise ship with Squeaky Doo. Take part in the fun.
5 Squeaky Doo in Trinidad- Experience an amazing adventure in the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad with Squeaky Doo.

Here is a five-star review by a kindle reader.
"5.0 out of 5 stars...
"more As seen through the wide-open eyes of an adorable teddy bear
travels and more
As seen through the wide-open eyes of an adorable teddy bear, these stories are of Squeaky Doo’s adventures on the beach, in California, in Orlando, on a cruise, and in Trinidad. This teddy bear loves to travel with the family and the grandparents. Sometimes an extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and their friends join in the fun-filled activities or celebrations. A common theme is Squeaky Doo getting lost or left behind –on the beach, at the wedding, at a store in the mall, on the cruise ship or getting snatched by a thief. Not to worry though…as Squeaky Doo somehow gets to go on yet another adventure."

The book is available on Kindle and Paperback.
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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Interview on Red River Radio hosted by Barbara Ehrentreu

Today I had an interview on Red River Radio hosted by Barbara Ehrentreu.
Barbara is a great host.
Joining us on the show was Shiju H. Pallithazheth Author of Katashi Tales and Founder of Motivational Strips.
Thank you Barbara Ehrentreu for this wonderful interview on your Radio Show. It was lots of fun speaking to you and Shiju H. Pallithazheth.
You were a perfect host.
If readers want to listen to the interview please click on this link.
Here are the Interview Questions and answers:

Where were you born and where do you live now?
Barbara, I was born in Trinidad and I still live there. I have travelled to many Countries all over the world but I love my home in Trinidad.

Besides writing what is your occupation now? What made you decide to stop being a banker and work in insurance? Why did you leave the insurance field if you are not there anymore?
I am a former Bank Manager. My job was to give loans and overdrafts to business people. I turned many of them into millionaires. I took early retirement from Banking and moved into insurance. I also excelled there. But I fell ill and had to go abroad for a few months for treatment. After I got better I wrote a book about my illness. I am Cancer Free. It was a best seller and it won many awards.

Do you have any hobbies?
My hobbies are reading and writing. I go to the movies now and then and travel around the island with my nieces and sisters in my spare time.

Who or what influenced you to begin writing?
As I mentioned earlier, the first book I wrote was, I am Cancer Free. Because of the success of that book, I continued writing.

You have written 21 books and you keep adding to this number. In what way would you say this has changed your life?
Writing has changed my life because it has taken me in a different direction for which I did not plan.
I used to think Banking was the best occupation, but after leaving banking, a whole new world opened up for me.
I was very successful in Insurance and qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association for Financial Professionals six times in a row.
I was made a Lifetime member of MDRT.
Since I started writing in 2013, I have won several awards and I still cannot believe that my books were that good.

Please tell our listeners about a typical day of writing for you.
I do my writing late at night when it is very quiet and I can concentrate on what I am writing about.
There is no set routine.

I know you have so many books we would need at least ten shows to talk about all of them. Please tell us about your latest one.
I will tell you about Zeeka Chronicles because that book won many awards.
ZEEKA CHRONICLES: REVENGE OF ZEEKA is a science fiction novel that consists of five spine-chilling stories.
It will Take you on a futuristic Journey into the year 2036.
These highly imaginative tales would keep you spellbound.
It is a story of one man's misuse of science for revenge.
Prepare to hold on to your seats as you will encounter zombies, robots using taekwondo skills, and you may have to dodge high tech weapons and shrinkenators.
Handsome doctors like Dr. Raynor Sharpe and Dr. Steven Sharpe along with beautiful Dr. Janet Jones-Sharpe will take care of you at the Gosh hospital.
Intertwined in the first part of this futuristic tale is a romance about Janet and Raynor which will warm your hearts.
The highlight of the story is the life of the protagonist Dr. Steven Sharpe who was kidnapped as a child.
Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka was an award winner in the Category Young Adult Thriller in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018, winner in Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017, winner of the gold award in the category science fiction in Emagazine Readers' Choice Awards 2018, and winner in the top ten finalists for science fiction in the Author Academy Global Awards 2018,.
Here is an extract from a Readers Favorite Review:
"Brenda Mohammed's writing style is evocative of the future and she handles the science in her fiction brilliantly: reading is believing!
I loved Zeeka Chronicles; it has worldwide appeal for anyone looking for an entertaining story that is different.'

Looking at your bio you have compiled a huge amount of awards. Would you please let our listeners know what they are and why you received them?
In November 2018 I won two awards with Readers Favorite International for two of my books, I AM CANCER FREE in the category Health and Fitness and ZEEKA CHRONICLES in the category Young Adult Thriller.
I travelled to Miami to collect those awards.
I won other awards for some of my other books but those are not as popular as Readers Favorite.
The other awards you see on my Bio are Literature awards that I received from the World Nations Writers Union and Motivational Strips.

You also have written poetry and you are an administrator for Motivational Strips. How is writing poetry different for you than writing prose? Which do you like better?
I was not a poetry writer before joining Motivational Strips.
I grew to love poetry after I became a member and read the fantastic contributions from other members.

What are you doing to promote your latest book? Will you be doing any online or in person promotions?
I do all my promotions on Social Media and they have worked well for me.

What was it like to edit a book like Katashi Tales? As an editor, I understand the problems involved with editing another person’s work. How did the distance and the time affect your working on this book?
I was hesitant at first to take on an editing job.
I had never edited another person’s book before.
I could not refuse a man like Shiju H Pallithazheth.
He is very kind-hearted to all the members in his group and the affiliate groups.
When he approached me I agreed immediately.
The distance and time difference of eight hours did not affect our working on the book.
I always wondered if Shiju slept at all.
He was intent on producing the best book that would be read all over the world, and he succeeded.
I am truly grateful that I had a major role to play in getting that book out to the public.
It was a great deal of fun working with Shiju. He made me laugh a lot.

Please let our listeners know where they can find your books.
All my books can be found on Amazon. Here is the Amazon Universal link. CLICK HERE.

Finally, this is a question I ask all of the people here on Tales from the Pages, are you a pantser or a plotter? In other words, do you just write or do you outline before you write?
Barbara, I do an outline, but I never stick to it because my characters start writing their own stories.
Sometimes the whole plot gets thrown out when I write the dialogue, and the story takes a new and exciting turn.


Monday, 20 May 2019

Donations to Naparima College School Library by Author Brenda Mohammed

I was invited on May 18th to a Library function at Naparima College to a photoshoot to present books I donated to the Library.
The photos were posted on the Naparima College Library Facebook page later that day.
There was media personnel present also, so pictures may appear in the local press.
When the Librarian, Andrea Charles, saw KATASHI TALES, she remarked, “The students love Folk Tales. They will love this book.” She looked through the book and loved the content. I told her that the author Shiju H Pallithazheth is from Muscat, Oman,. As I was the Chief Editor he was pleased that the book was being placed in school libraries in Trinidad so that students can experience different forms of literature.
I explained that it was an initiative of both Narendra Rajkumar and myself to donate books to schools on the island.
When she saw HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS she loved it too and asked if I would be available at end June to do a session with students on how to write.
She was also very pleased with A Spark of Hope and Memoirs of my Father.

Later that day this message with pictures was posted on the Facebook Page of Naparima College Library.

Naparima College Library
May 18 at 3:44 PM ·
It was a pleasure to have Ms.Brenda Mohammed at Naparima College Library for ROYTEC's Library Day. She is the author of "How to Write for Success" and "Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan". She is also the editor of "A Spark of Hope, An Anthology of Poems for Saving Lives" and "Katashi Tales, Folktales & Fables Unheard". She will be invited to share her experiences as a writer with our students in the very near future.

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