Friday, 20 October 2017

Zeeka Chronicles nominated for Reader's Choice Award

Hello Readers,

Can you do me one favour and vote for Zeeka Chronicles at Readers Choice Voting Page
It is the last book in the category science fiction on Page 16.
I was not expecting my book to be nominated for this award.
Please help the book to win a prize.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Readers, this is shocking

This is the spookiest thing to happen.
I just read an article in science news where new clinical trials are being conducted to attempt to bring back humans to life.
This sounds just like my Science Fiction series about Revenge of Zeeka.
I never imagined that what I imagined could come true.
Here is the link to the article:
When I wrote the series Zeeka Chronicles it was just science fiction - stuff that I made up and imagined.
Read the series and see for yourself.
The stories are set in the year 2036.
Will it really happen in real life?
Here are the links"
Revenge of Zeeka:-Zeeka and the Zombies Book 1 [FREE]
Zeeka's Child: Revenge of Zeeka Book 2
Zeeka Returns: Revenge of Zeeka Book 3
Zeeka's Ghost: Revenge of Zeeka Book 4
Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5
Here is the Amazon Universal Link for those who live outside the USA.
If you prefer to read all the stories in one book here is the link for the award-winning book ZEEKA CHRONICLES

Friday, 13 October 2017

Readers, do you want your books at discounted prices?

Readers, do you want books at discounted prices?
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Twelve Delightful Memoirs I have read and recommend to Readers.

Moving From Grief in Cornwall by Barbara M. Webb

My Review

The author displayed enormous strength during her personal tragedy.
She had the presence of mind to do all the right things for her beloved husband right up until his death.
Watching a loved one suffer from cancer is very difficult.
Being a cancer survivor myself, I know what my husband endured twelve years ago when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to undergo several months of treatment in a foreign country because my doctor in Trinidad had given up on me.
The doctor gave Barbara’s husband nine months to live but he lived for sixteen months because of her wonderful care and attention.
She chose to be her husband’s caretaker and made the rest of his life the best it could be.
This courageous, talented, woman went on to live without her dear Richard despite many challenges which she overcame.
I admire her positive attitude to life and her spontaneity to become involved with new adventures and many travels.
What a remarkable woman!
I enjoyed the book and learned a lot from the author's experiences.
I highly recommend it to all.

A Spot in my Heart by Kelly Artieri

My Review

A Spot in my Heart is a delightful true story about a hearing-impaired Dalmatian pup and the loving family that adopted him.
It was a learning experience for the family as they dutifully researched the problems and sought expert advice so that they could give the dog all the love and attention he needed.
Vinnie lacked for nothing in that loving environment.
In spite of his hearing problem, OCD, and PICA his owners gave him the best in toys, food, shelter, and medical care.
The author’s writing style made the story even more interesting.
She related the difficulties with ‘the bad dog’ as she referred to him on occasions, as fun experiences and adventure.
There were a few sad moments too.
I enjoyed this book and I am glad that I chose to read it.
I recommend it to all dog lovers.

I promised not to tell by Cheryl Evans

My Review

‘I promised not to Tell’ is a heart-rending story of parents who were faced with a dilemma when their daughter decided she wanted to change her gender. As any loving parents will do, they accepted her decision after many consultations with the right people.
I chose to read this book because it brought back memories of my hairdresser who was a handsome young boy when I met him. He had approached other banks for a loan to extend his hairdressing business and was turned down but never told me the reason. During my visits to him to have my hair done, I noticed that he was changing physically, but did not think much of it. I offered to have a look at his loan proposal.
When he turned up at my bank to request the loan, he was dressed like a woman. He was required to fill out insurance documents to cover the loan, which I had approved.
Next to gender, he ticked ‘Female.’
The Insurance Medical doctor examined him and confirmed that he was female.
It was then I understood.
He had undergone surgery for biological change.
I was glad that I did not discriminate, despite opposition from other managers and staff members. Today she is a top hairdresser, owns a fabulous house, and a state of the art beauty salon. The rich and famous frequent her salon. She is also a beautiful woman admired by many.
The author is right. “Love, patience, and time, really do heal.”
Her story was told from the heart. It was nothing she expected or hoped for, but she accepted her child’s decision in order to save his life and for him to be healthy and happy.
I like this statement by the author: “More loving, more accepting and less judging is what we so desperately need in this world today.”
This book is educational and very helpful for parents who have children facing similar circumstances, as well as for parents who have no such issues.
It should be read by all.

Miracle in my Living Room by Evelyn Mann

My Review

This book was inspiring and evoked my emotions.
It is indeed a story of hope and faith in God for parents who were determined to see their baby survive despite the doctor's negative diagnosis.
They overcame many trials and obstacles through that eleven-year journey.
Miracles do happen and I believe in miracles because I have experienced many in my life.
I recommend the book to all who are faced with similar circumstances.
Never give up.

You must only to love them by Ann Marie Mershon

My Review

The name of the book, “You must only to love them,’ puzzled me and I wondered why an author would use such a title for a book. After reading a few pages of the book, I found out why that name was chosen. It was Uygar’s [a Turk] advice to the author when she asked him how she should deal with Turkish students at the Koc School.
The author’s style of writing and her vivid descriptions of places in Turkey kept me glued to this book.
Ann Marie Mershon is truly an adventurous woman and I admire her tenacity and ability to survive in a strange culture despite so many setbacks in her early days in that country.
I have travelled to many places in the world and never once thought about visiting Turkey.
Reading this book made me feel as if I have travelled there
If I ever go there I will remember not to drink camel milk before I embark on any tours.
I enjoyed this book very much and commend the author for a brilliant account of life in Turkey.

Celebrating Grandmothers by Ann Richardson

My Review

I never thought that a book about Grandmothers could be interesting, nor did I believe that such a topic could form a book, but the author achieved that with distinction.
The testimonies from grandmothers were varied and I could identify with a few.
In my own experience, I recall being taken unawares by a phone call from my son while I was abroad at a conference.
He called me ‘grandma’ when he addressed me at that time and I knew right away that he and my daughter-in-law were expecting a baby.
Joy flooded my heart and I immediately started shopping for baby stuff.
Although they are older now I still enjoy buying them stuff.
I will travel to any part of the world to spend time with them.
Being a grandmother is truly a blessing and an opportunity to create new memories with a new generation.
I enjoyed ‘Celebrating Grandmothers; and commend Ann Richardson for her skill in putting together these interviews from grandmothers.
Would have loved to read details about her own experiences too.

Broken to be Blessed by Louise Beaubrun

My Review

Broken to be Blessed is an inspiring and motivational memoir.
The author left her native home to go to America for a better life.
While still getting used to a new country, her life changed dramatically eight months after she arrived there.
Her description of the raging fire, which took the lives of five family members and disfigured her, brought tears to my eyes.
Despite the many months turning into years, she spent in the Burn Unit of the hospital obtaining treatment, and the many trials she faced, she overcame all obstacles. She achieved all of her Education goals and found a wonderful husband.
Her strong faith in God and the Bible references she used reminded me of my own life challenges and God’s love, which I too experienced in my life.
Coincidentally, “Great is thy faithfulness,” is also my favorite hymn and theme song.
When I started reading this book it was hard to put down.
It is a page-turner.
I recommend this book very highly.

The Grass Swale by Mickey Thomas

My Review

The Grass Swale is a personal Memoir of the life of the author, Mickey Thomas.
He has shared a great deal of personal information with his readers.
Not many people are brave enough to do so.
He blames himself for the death of his brother, but perhaps if he had accompanied him that night, he too may have met his death in that fatal accident.
His experiences in boot camp and as a Marine were terrifying.
No wonder he suffered from PTSD.
His wife, Hope, and four children were stabilizing factors in his life.
He was even blessed with grandchildren.
Despite the many ups and downs in his life, Mickey has a lot for which to be thankful.
The book was interesting and lessons can be learned from it.

Mum's the word by Tracey Samios and Lis Norman

My Review

This is a book which brought back memories of motherhood.
It was filled with humour, love, and caring.
The authors are right.
Motherhood does not come with a rulebook.
It was well written and made me laugh.

Unmitigated Gaul by Suzanne White

My Review

I received a copy of “Unmitigated Gaul “from the author for an honest review.
I was anxious to read it as it was set in Paris.
In 2014, I visited Paris, which I absolutely loved.
I have also been to Barcelona and took photos at the Christopher Columbus statue about which the author wrote.
I also visited Buffalo many years ago when my sister worked and studied there.
In her book ‘Unmitigated Gaul,’ Suzanne White took the reader on her journey of self-discovery.
She wrote openly about her most intimate childhood experiences, personal fantasies, and private life without holding back.
Her candidness will surprise and even shock readers.
I commend her on her bravery and freedom of expression. I admit it was a fun read and look forward to the next volume.

Tracing my Footsteps by Asif Husain Khan

My Review

‘Tracing my Footsteps’ by Asif Khan was a very interesting memoir of his life as a young boy and the many stages of his life as he grew up, culminating with marriage, children of his own, and many travels.
The author tells of the culture and practices of life in both India and Pakistan, places he lived. I learned many new words in this book, names of Indian dishes and sweets, and life in general in two countries I have seen only in movies or read about in Geography studies.
There are happy moments as well as sad ones where loved ones passed away. This is a book with historical value. Readers who want to learn about life in India and Pakistan in the fifties and sixties will appreciate its contents.
I enjoyed the book.

Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story by Steve Bentley

My Review

This book is an intriguing depiction of drugs, crime, and passion and the arduous lives of police officers. In his memoir, the author relates his experiences as a young detective right up to Detective Sergeant, and then as an undercover agent. Operation Julie was the highlight of his career in undercover work, and it was also the cause of his illness that caused him to resign. The police service treated him shabbily, but he managed to move forward with his life in an admirable way. He pursued a degree in law, followed it up with post-graduate studies, and had a successful career as a criminal defense barrister until his retirement.
The book was a page-turner, and I enjoyed reading it.

All these memoirs can be found on Amazon. Click on the link above each review to find them.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Readers, Do I have your Vote?

Today I want to welcome all of my new subscribers to my blog.
Many of you subscribed to my blog in exchange for one of my free books.
Some have unsubscribed after downloading the book, and that is okay.
I fully understand that you do not want your Inbox clogged up with unnecessary email.
I promise not to do that to you.
Will a message once a week do for you?
Please respond in the comments.
Can I ask you one favour this week?
ZEEKA CHRONICLES was nominated in SCIENCE FICTION for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards!
How to Vote
You may vote once for your favorite book in each of the categories.
There is an icon with arrows on both sides.
Just click the arrows at the top of the voting form to navigate between categories.
Science Fiction is on Page 16.
Books are in alphabetical order.
Click on the book title ZEEKA CHRONICLES to vote.
Voting is until 10th December 2017.
Thanks in advance for voting and please hang around as I will have interesting news for you each week.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Authors, Do you know that you can get a 3D Cover for your book FREE?

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Are we going back to the dark Ages?

Today I will be talking about my book, Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the world in a different way.
I am not trying to sell this book anymore.
The world has changed rapidly over the past few days.
Earthquakes have destroyed Mexico,
Hurricanes have destroyed St. Maarten, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, and damaged many of the places I visited in Florida this year.
Terrorists have attacked London, Paris, Germany, and many other countries that I love and visited.
Today, that dreadful attack in Las Vegas was so painful.
People are suffering everywhere.
Today in Trinidad was Budget Day.
The Finance Minister said that the economy is bad and he applied heavy taxes in every area.
The poor and the needy will remain poor and needy.
Is the world going backward?
Authors have written books set in the future with new technology and new inventions but that fictional world seems out of reach.
If there is no money to do basic stuff where is the money for new technology and new inventions?
That is just my thought for the day.