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This book should be in your library - Zeeka Chronicles

A strange - looking person turned up at the renowned Gosh Hospital in the scenic island of Gosh in the year 2036 and revealed information of a conspiracy to Dr.George Brown.
He claimed to be a zombie who reported to Master Zeeka.
But was he really a zombie?
Dr. Brown was suspicious of his motives, sedated him, left him in Room Nine, and called a meeting of the hospital doctors to discuss the conversation, which he recorded.
He referred to the stranger as Number Nine.
The stranger outsmarted Dr. Brown and disappeared causing the doctors with the exception of two, Dr. Raynor Sharpe and Dr. Mark Schmidt, to disbelieve what Dr. Brown told them. Together the three vowed to uncover the truth.
Did they?
Did they ever find out the identity of Number Nine?
A colourful sailor band with zombie- like persons at Carnival celebrations launched a fatal attack on innocent spectators later that year, confirming Number Nine's revelations.
Did Number Nine die in that attack?
Fingers were pointed at one man for the brutal attacks, but was he the real perpetrator?
Someone was seeking revenge for a long forgotten incident.
Who was that person?
One man knew Zeeka's secrets.
Would the authorities believe him or would they falsely accuse him?
Who was Zeeka?
The book comprises of five stories set in the future.
New technology and scientific breakthroughs in the field of medical science set the stage for the unimaginable, in this intriguing tale of kidnapping, love, lies, revenge, a ghost, a deadly virus, and sixty programmable zombies.
Even robots play major roles.
One reviewer described the book as 'Twilight Zone-like Sci-Fi Shorts that blend zombie lore with robots/hi-tech, futuristic, sci-fi themes and ideas.
He said 'fans of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits TV series episodes should find these shorts right up their alley.'
Zeeka Chronicles is a nominee for Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2017, in the category Science Fiction.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Twilight Zone-like Sci-Fi Shorts - SIBA Awards Nominee

Zeeka Chronicles is a nominee for Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2017, in the category Science Fiction.

Book Description
A strange - looking person turned up at the renowned Gosh Hospital in the scenic island of Gosh in the year 2036 and revealed certain information to Dr.George Brown.
He claimed to be a zombie who reported to Master Zeeka.
But was he really a zombie?
Dr. Brown was suspicious of his motives, sedated him, left him in Room Nine, and called a meeting of the hospital doctors to discuss the conversation, which he recorded.
He referred to the stranger as Number Nine.
The stranger outsmarted Dr. Brown and disappeared causing the doctors with the exception of two, Dr. Raynor Sharpe and Dr. Mark Schmidt, to disbelieve what Dr. Brown told them. Together the three vowed to uncover the truth.
Did they?
A colourful sailor band with zombie- like persons at Carnival celebrations launched a fatal attack on innocent spectators later that year, confirming the stranger's revelations.
Did the stranger die in that attack?
Fingers were pointed at one person but was he the real perpetrator?
Someone was seeking revenge for a long forgotten incident.
Who was that person?
One man knew Zeeka's secrets.
Would the authorities believe him or would they falsely accuse him?

Read extracts of reviews for Zeeka Chronicles by readers as follows:

By Ian
'Twilight Zone-like Sci-Fi Shorts
'These are fun, highly imaginative tales that blend zombie lore with robots/hi-tech, futuristic, sci-fi themes and ideas.
Fans of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits TV series episodes should find these shorts right up their alley.'

By Amazon Customer:
'Zeeka Chronicles" is a highly compelling mixture of sci-fi, supernatural, and dystopian genres, which make it an even more interesting read. And the story of the zombie number nine, in the end, made just a perfect finale that put a big smile on my face.'

By Bookaholic
Brenda Mohammed writes in a number of genres and from her enthusiasm for each subject, the reader can tell that each book is a labour of love.
The Zeeka Chronicles is an Omnibus of the five Zeeka stories, an ideal collection for lovers of Zombies and horror stories.
A great strength of these stories is the diversity of interesting characters including the female lead, a detective and futuristic robots.
Each story within this Omnibus works well on its own and it is difficult to pick a favourite. The excitement builds with each story and the author succeeds in pulling the various strands together to offer a satisfying conclusion.
The Zeeka Chronicles is a thoughtful series and should delight fans of the genre. Brenda Mohammed is an author brimming with original ideas, an author to follow.'

By Reggie:
'Zeeka Chronicles is a horror story based on subject matter as relevant today as in the well-crafted, dystopian, science fiction created by author Brenda Mohammed.
The story is original, something I enjoy, and it is complete, something that most readers will appreciate. Solid entertainment. A five-star experience.'

' Future Tech is highlighted throughout the series making me desire one of the book's robot helpers who does dishes and kicks butt too.'

'The ending was amazing and I could envisage a bright future with advanced medical technology and robots as companions and helpers. This is a one of a kind book and one I would recommend that everyone should read.'

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Zeeka Chronicles is a nominee for Summer Indie Book Awards 2017

Zeeka Chronicles has been nominated along with several other books for Summer Indie Book Awards 2017.

Here is the official announcement. Books are listed in alphabetical order.

2017 Summer Indie Book Awards Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1 (2017)

Book Nomination Announcement!

Hello, friends!

Here's the big announcement you've all been waiting for! It's the list of books nominated for the 2017 Summer Indie Book Awards!
Voting will begin September 1 and continue through September 10.
But, without further ado, here are the nominations in alphabetical order by title!

13: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction Bradon Nave
16 Myths Aim Ruivivar
5 More Words Jaxson Kidman
5 Years Later Jaxson Kidman & London Casey/ Karolyn James
99 Bottles Erin Lee
A Boy I Used To Love Jaxson Kidman & London Casey/ Karolyn James
A Boy Like You Ginger Scott
A Catered Christmas Tim Hemlin
A Circus of Emotions Shefali Banerji
A Colletion of Crime J.F. Flemming
A Fatal Twist Tracy Weber
A Home For Emy Chris Turnbull
A Love Beyond Time Bella Emy
A Mighty Rolling Thunder Kerry Alan Denney
A Nest of Hornets Robert Krenzel
A Night At The Dream Theater Mark Taylor
A Portrait of Pain Jane Washington
a quanta of magick PMattern
A Tale of a Rough Diamond P. J. Mann
A Tangled Web M L Sparrow
A Way Back Into Love Veronica Thatcher
Absolute Knowledge Drew Cordell
Actually, Don't Write A Book About Me Leia Star
Advantage (Advance Industries #3) K A Duggsy
Agents of Shadow (The Keepers of White Book 1) Richard Crofton
All She Never Wanted Carolyn LaRoche
Always Ransom Reina Torres
Amstel Girl Marco Marek
An Evidence of Magic Kris Michaels
An Imperfect Engagement Alyssa Drake
Anchor Nicole Blanchard
Ascenders: Omorrow (Book 3) CL Gaber
auburn tides PMattern and P.T.Macias
Awakened (The Fighter Series #3) TC Matson
Balls Deep: The Erotic Poetry of Chris Genovese Chris Genovese
Beacon (Lantern Book 2) Chess Desalls
Bearing Down PMattern
Beautiful Sacrifice Gen Ryan
Beautifully Broken Amanda Leigh
Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance Vivienne Savage
Between the Cushions Erin Lee
Beyond the Red Hood Ronald Edward Griffin
Beyond the stars Angela morales
Beyond the Stars: The Lost Child Angela Morales
Bite Me Part 1 Julian Napier
Bite Me Part 2 Julian Napier
Bittersweet Aliya DalRae
Blaire Anita Gray
Blood Lust Markie Madden
Blood Lust (Undead Unit 3) Markie Madden
BLOOD: CURSE (BLOOD 1.1) D. S. Wrights
Bloodwalker L.X. Cain
Blue Light Christmas Tobey Alexander
Blurred Edges (Volume 2) Kane Caldwell
Bones Yolanda Olson
Book of Birds L.M Bryski
Booth Jason Pellegrini
Border Lines L. E. Fitzpatrick
Bound (The Mystery of Landon Miller Book 2) R.M. Gauthier
Bound By An Echo Virginia Lee Johnson and Julia Claire
Bound Through Blood Alexis Kennedy
Breaking the Glass Slipper Sherry Rentschler
Broken London Casey/ Karolyn James
Broken Boundaries Kaitlyn Ashley
Broken Roots Michelle Diana Lowe
Brokenhearted Bella Emy
Brothers M.J. Spickett
burgundy skies PMattern and P.T.Macias
Burn With Me Rachael Tonks
Burning Through Their Eyes Eugene Knight
Cain – Rage of Angels Elias Raven
Camp Cougar L A Carey & R A Robbins
Camp Nightmare: A Short Story Franny Marie
Can't Fight This Feeling Miranda Liasson
Carousel Chris Turnbull
Cascading Error: Critical JM Guillen
Catch Me If I Fall Kay Blake
Celtic Fire Liz Gavin
Chade Montana Ash
Changed Annabelle Garcia
Changing Lanes Leaona Luxx
Characters Welcome: an Erotic Authors Guild anthology Brooke Lee
Chasing Shadows Kindra Sowder
Chaz: Death Riders 3 Ethan Radcliff
Check Mate Ken Fry
Child of the Night Guild Andy Peloquin
Children of the Silent Season T. Wyse
Chip and Skip Need Each Other Toi Thomas
Choice Cuts Michael J Elliott
Christmas at Moosehead Lake Penny Harmon
Christmas Coloring Book Kat McDermott
Christmas Miracle in July R.M. Gauthier
Collateral Damage Susan Harris
collecting tears carol ann king
Color of Evil: Spectrum of Color Book Two S K Wee
Concealed By The Night Michael James
congregation of darkness PMattern
Cons Dames and G-Men Anthology 2017 Stab In The Dark Writers Circle (Adam Mitchell)
Control (The Mystery of Landon Miller Book 1) R.M. Gauthier
Corrupted Hearts Julian Napier
Creep Yolanda Olson
Crimson Bayou Alizabeth Lynn
Crimson Fire Mirren Hogan
crimson moon PMattern and P.T Macias
Crimson Moon Sherri A Wingler
Crossroads in the Dark 2: Urban Legends Burning Willow Press
Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1) Tanor Costa
Cursed by the Fountain of Youth Holly Kelly
Dangerous Ways R.R. Virdi
Dark Flowers Caytlyn Brooke
Dark Lovers (Iron Wolves book 5) Elle Boon
dark secrets of a dhampir PMattern
Darkness Dreams Tracy Millosovich
Dating-ish Penny Reid
Dawn of Blasphemy L. Bachman
Dawn of the New Breed (A Tale of Vampires Book 1) John Hennessy
Daylight Follows Michelle Dare
Dead Normal D M Singh
Dead on your Feet Stephen Puleson
Deadly Demons Adam Reece
Deadly Obsession K L Humpreys
Death of a Sculptor in Hue, Shape, and Color M.C.V. Egan
Deceit can be Deadly Nicky Charles
Declan Caitlyn O'LEARY
Deeper: Capture of the Virgin Bride Sam JD Hunt
Dirty Wish Karolyn James
Disgraceful (Disgrace Trilogy 2) Author Dee Palmer
Disillusion Alice C. Hart
Distracted No More Thia Finn
Do You Realize? Kevin A. Kuhn
Dom KD Jones
Down and Dirty Prose Ethan Radcliff
Dragon Blues Ophelia Bell
Dragon Lightning Jenny Burke
Dragon Moon Julie Nicholls
Dragon Void Ophelia Bell
Dreams of An Empowered Soul Anthology Lea Winkelman
Dynomike: Happy Shoes Frankie B Rabbit
Earth No. 105 Birth Ame Terra
Eden's Serum Journal 2 Angelique Anderson
Edging Michael Schutz
Eleonore Faith Rivens
Embelished Karen Glista
Emerald: The Third in the Trinity Series Novels CG Blade
Engaged to an Alien Pop Star Kendra L. Saunders
Enigma of Life Shandi Boyes
Evasion Becca Boucher
Evermore Alexandra Lee
Every Night Without You: Caine & Addison Violet Duke
Expired Listings: Revenge Begins at Home D.M. Barr
Extinction Aftermath Nicholas Sansbury Smith
FaeTal Becca Moree
Fallen For Death Veronique Poirier
Fantastic Creatures (Fellowship of Fantasy Book 1) Multiple Authors
Fated- A Mystic Academy Novella Ednah Walters
Fighting for Alexa Jennifer Ann
Finding Forever Amanda J Evans
Finding Me (The Music Within Book 3) Faith Gibson
Fire's Love - Revised Edition Alex E. Carey
Fireside Fantasies Mark D Davis
Fit For A King Susan Fisher-Davis
Flirty Thirty Cassie Mae
Forbidden Virgin Carmen Falcone
Four Days To Valentine's Jade Whitfield
Fractured Nicci Mayne
Fractured Beat R B Hilliard
Fragmented Madeline Dyer
FREAK Erin Lee
Freeing His Dark Edges (Book 1.5) Kane Caldwell
From a Distance LM Carr
From Cropduster to Airline Captain LeRoy Brown
From Russia, With Love Erin Lee
full moon falling faster PMattern
Game Plan TJ Penn
Gems of Gratitude (Gems of Sisterhood 2) The Sisterhood
Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 Claire Plaisted
Giorgio and the Olive Branch J.L.Gonzalwz
Gladiator: A Scifi Alien Romance (Galactic Gladiators Book 1) Anna Hackett
Gnarled Bones Tam May
Golden K. M. Robinson
Grantham Global: Strictly Business (Dark Alley 2.1) D. S. Wrights
Grey (The Covenant of Shadows Book 1) Kade Cook
Happy Holidays B. Bennett
Harley & Rose Carmen Jenner
Hat Trick Jeremy Croston
Hayden's Timbre Thia Finn
Headstones and Dead Bodies Marie Krepps
Hear No Evil Jordan Ford
Heart of a Robot Jackie Siefert-Pappas and CG Blade
Heart Of Fire Claming My Valentines A.R. Von
Heartstrings Regina Frame
Heir to Gold and Ashes Ashley R.N. Hay
Hell Gate Josh Matthews
Her Name Was Sam Erin Lee
Her Wicked Fantasy Taylor Johns
His To Own Autumn Winchester
Hold My Breath Ginger Scott
Hole-Hearted Melissa Pearl
Holiday Hangover Kathi Daley
Holy War Grant Leishman
Hooked Brenda Rother
Horny Santa Ethan Radcliff
House of Refuge Jamie Lynn Boothe
How to Date a Douchebag Sara Ney
Hugs & Kisses: A Writer's retreat Romance Anthology E.H. Demeter, Layne Calry, Ashley Rose Gustavson, Alizabeth Lynn, Desiree meinville, Chasity Nicole, Katherine F. Scruggs, T.M. Sparrow, J.S. Thomson
Hunting Vampires with Grandma Ashley Uzzell
ICE - Knights of Silence MC Book 1 Amy Cecil
Immaginario C.L Monaghan (Claire L Monaghan)
Imogen's Secret (Chroma, book 1) B Fleetwood
Imperfect Ella Linden
Imposter K. Larsen
In Her Words Jaxson Kidman & London Casey/ Karolyn James
In Obscura Silvae Ellie Piersol
In The Cards Angela D'Onofrio
In the Presence of Knowing Valarie Savage Kinney
Inhale Love Exhale Poetry Lo-arna Green
Initiation: Hell House Jay Michael Wright II
Intricate (RN Diaries book 2) Dolyn Keys
Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 6) Brenda Trim and Tami Julka
J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis Katy Regnery
Jenna's Story Skye Hegyes
Jill Rose Montague
Jonas (Stone Society Book 8) Faith Gibson
Josiah's Love and Justice Volume I: Four Slaves Lucas X. Black
Just Live Shaan Ranae
Just Things Erin Lee
Kate (A Paranormal Lustnamce) Krihstin Zink
Kawartha Christmas Caper Douglas J. McLeod
Kill Switch Laken Cane
Kiss of Vengeance E.A. Copen
Kitten's Tail James L. Grey
Knights of Enmity Sedrie Danielle
Leaf Joanne Van Leerdam
Legends Mara Reitsma and Mark McQuillen
Letters Away: A Love Story Elias Raven & Sharon Johnson
Levi's Blue Michelle Leighton
Life Interrupted Yessi Smith
Living For The Badman (Russian Bravta book 4) Hayley Faiman
Living Out Loud (The Living Series book 2) Melody Dawn
Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter C.A. Verstraete
Looking Back Teesa Mee
Looking Into the Abyss Paul White
Lore Master (Warrior of the Way) Robbie Cox
Losing Faith Erin Lee
Lost & Bound Pandora Spocks
Lost in Scotland Hilaria Alexander
Lost love in spring Rose English
Love Letters Destroyed Winter M. Balefire
Lucca Sarah Brianne
Lurking in the Mind - A CHBB Anthology Jaidas Shaw, and 14 other authors
Made to Suffer (Journeyman book 3) Golden Czermak
Magic-Born Dragon: Book Two of the Dragon Born Trilogy K.N. Lee
Man Behind the Mask David Owain Hughes, Veronica Smith, and Jonathan Edward Ondrashek
Marry Me Mad Katy Regnery
Melting Steel C S Seabrook
Midnight's Balance Monica Corwin
Mine, Forever Kate Bonham
Mirrors Rebekah Dodson
Moody CS Seabrook
More Things in Heaven and Earth E.A. Comiskey
Murder on display Luke Christodoulou
My Champion Alanea Alder
My Guardian Gryphon Krystall Shannan
my light echo hart
My Next Book Boyfriend (Book Boyfriend book 1) Vicki Green
Never Enough Taryn Steele
New Horizons Joanne Van Leerdam
Night Orchid L. Lombard
Night Witches Mirren Hogan
Nightmares and Dreams Jamie Lynn Boothe
NightMares Rise: Dark Shores trilogy book 1 Mirren Hogan and Erin Yoshikawa
Nights are unlimited Michael James
No Shame Erin Lee
Nova Joanne Van Leerdam
Obsessed with the Kill: Abdul Uncut TJ Weeks
Odium IV Claire C. Riley
Of Spells and Shadows Krystal Shannon
Once Upon a Death Anthology K.L. Cottrell
Once Upon a Pastry Ashley Uzzell
One Good Reason Erin Lee
Operation Child Soldier Jaci Wheeler
Overtaken K. F. Breene
Pandora: Welcome to the Appocolypse book 1 DL Richardson
PanDora's Destruction Kitten Wallace
Paranormal Contact Volume 3 Jeff Trelewicz
Partners In Rhyme – Volume 1 Sharon Johnson & Ryan Baird
Patriarch (Human Undead War 2) Jonathan Edward Ondrashek
Patriots Passing Summer Prescott
Pennies in a pound Roy E. Stolworthy
Phat Taylor Henderson
Phoenix Resolution Lisa C. Morgan
Pink Skies At Night Michael James
Pirate Heiress Chloe Flowers
Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements Book 1) Clare Meyers & Cris Meyers
Pleasure, Pain or Purpose Al Daltrey
POW: Another World Peter Oliver Wonder
Pretty Lost Dolls Ker Dukey & K WEBSTER
Project Revolution Sara Schoen
Purpose (Pleasure, Pain, or Purpose book 3) Al Daltrey
Quest of the Dreamwalker Stacy Bennett
Rat-a-Claus Stefanie Jolicoeur
Reaching for the Light Marie Krepps and TL Katt
Reclamation: The Journey of a Lost Soul Sandy Frediani
Red's Tangled Tale Suzanna Lynn
Refusing To Expire Tricia Daniels
Remnants Carolyn Arnold
Rescue Me Sara Schoen
Resurrection Danielle James
Reunion (Catnip 5) J.S. Frankel
REVELATION Danielle James
Riding Home (Death Riders Book 4) Ethan Radcliff
Riding Shotgun Paul Schaefer
Right to Silence Lily Luchesi
Rise of Valor Mark Taylor
Rites of Heirdron Newland Moon
Rites of Heirdron (Science Fantasy Romance) Newland Moon
Riven Colleen Vanderlinden
Rogue Warrior Brenda Trim and Tami Julka
Romance on the High Seas Seven Swashbuckling Pirate Romances 7 Pirate Wenches Chloe Flowers
Room 725 Danielle James
ruby passions PMattern
Running on Empty (Journeyman book 6) Golden Czermak
Savage (Rise of the Pride Book 3) Theresa Hissong
Savage Bayou Alizabeth Lynn
scarlet storms PMattern and P.T.Macias
Seaside Whispers Melissa Foster
Secound Draft CM Seabrook
Secrets of Desire LK Shaw
Secrets of the Slain Lindsey Goddard
See No Evil Jordan Ford
Seraphine's Julia Clare & Virginia Johnson
Seraphine's Virginia Johnson & Julia Clare
Severed Heart Kirsty Ferguson
Sex, Blood, Rock 'N' Roll, and Vampyr (The Bloodline Series Book 1) K. M. McFarland
shades of red PMattern and P.T. Macias
Shadow Puppets: Scarecrows of Minnow Ranch Carver Pike
Shadow World: A Dragon Born Trilogy Ella Summers
Shadows At Night Michael James
Shelter in the Tropics Cara Lockwood
Shiloh Ranch Bobby Akart
Signed, Stolen, Delivered Douglas Mcleod
Silhouette SE Cooper
Simone (Desires of Blood Book 5) Ethan Radcliff
Siren Song (Undead Unit 4) Markie Madden
Skin Deep/Ordinary Monsters Frank Martin
Slave Kayar chance
Sloan: The Protectors Teresa Gableman
Smuggler's Justice Melissa Robitille
Snakes & Stones Christina Benjamin, Kaitlin Bevis, Susan Burdorf, Erin Hayes, Suzanna Lynn, Ali Winters
Snow Blood: Season 4 Carol McKibben
Snowed In Shannon Nemechek
Snuffed (Snuff Series book two-part one) Bonny Capps
Solid Ground Megan Green
Somebody Else's Sky Jessica Hawkins
Something in the Way Jessica Hawkins
Soul Journey Miranda Shanklin
Speak No Evil Jordan Ford
Special Occasions Grace Augustine
Split Decision Everett Parker
Spook Lights 2 Eden Royce
Spunky and the Dolphin Palace Ashley and Kyra Uzzell
Stained Glass Joanne Van Leerdam
Standing Room Only Ethan Radcliff
Stark Shadows CD Bradley
Starstruck S.E Anderson
Steal His Heart London Casey/ Karolyn James
Stealing Light Julie Cassar
Stolen Dreams Maddie Wade
Stolen Lust Tasha S Heart
Storm Unleashed Michael R. Stern
Strangers Within Jeremy Simons
Strident House PMatterm
Submissions Lucas X. Black
Subway Stops and the Places We Meet Mindy Hayes & Michele G Miller
Sweet Discovery Aliya DalRae
Take Me As I Am Erin Lee
Take you home T J. Spade
Talon: USS Trinity Jay Michael Wright II
Taming his Submissive Abigail lee Justice
Tap Dancing With The Devil Faith Gibson
Teabreeze Lila Vale/Kyle Perkins
Teddy Bear Revolution T. E. Hodden
Temptations Bryce Evans
Tempting Jo Nancee Cain
Tequila & Tailgates Andrea Johnston
Thanos: Forging of Man Thomas A Watson
That Summer H.M. Shander
The Adventures of Nick and Billy: The Mystery of the Rougarou Michael Hoard
The Arrangement Anjalee Scott
The Beekeepers Daughter Jane Jordan
The Bench Rebecca Morean
The Bet D. K. Combs
The Birth of an Alpha Theresa Hissong
The Bonner Incident Thomas A Watson
The Book of roland James Master
The Carrigan Painting: Mysteries of Billamore Hall Series, Book 1 (Volume 1) BJ Richards
The Cathedral TJ Morris
The Collective Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese
The Council (Witch's Ambitions Trilogy Book One) Kayla Krantz
The Country Club: Road Rage (The One Percent) Tim Miller
The Curse of Arundel Hall J New
The Devil and the Wolf Richard Pastore
The Devil's Hand: Countdown Mark Taylor
The Devil's Highway (Journeyman book 4) Golden Czermak
The Diary of a Broken Father Sylvia Stein
The Electric Mile Jack Crosby
The False Prophet Harry James Fox
The Fell Lyndsey Harper
The Foreigner A.C JADE
The forgotten princess R L Weeks
The Four Points JJ Melvin
The Freind Zone Nikki Strycharz
The Future is Built on Ashes Charles Lee Mullenix
The Ghost in the Mirror Faith Gibson
The Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 The Ghostly Writers
The Good Teacher Lorraine Carey
The Gospel of Everyone: A Poetic Retelling of the Gospel of Luke Paul Totah
The Gypsy's Curse Sara Whitford
The Head Hunter (Zombified Book 1) Kindra Sowder & Santiago Cirilo
The Hotel Alabama: Room 23 Jay Michael Wright II
The Independents: A Short Story Aaron L Speer
The Initiation: Hell House Jay Michael Wright II
The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 6) Aleron Kong
The Lazarus Succession Ken Fry
The Lion and the Peacock: How I Conquered Anxiety Jennifer Peacock-Smith
The Manhattan Memoirs: Volume 1 JD Lexx
The Manhattan Memoirs: Volume 2 JD Lexx
The Many Adventures of Mason: The Hyper-Nap Collection N A Shoemaker
The Morning After Erin Lee and Jamie Lynn Boothe
The Mysteries of Billamore Hall Trilogy Box Set BJ Richards
The Navy SEAL's Secret Baby: A Second Chance Romance LK Shaw
The Negative Man: Prelude to Chaos Jeremy Croston
The New Reign, A Of Lite and Darke Novel (Book 1) M.L Ruscsak
The Only Way Out Elizabeth Cash
The Opposite of You Rachel Higginson
The Other One Jiffy Kate
The Pharaoh's Destiny Markie Madden
The Precious Ruby Chloe Renee
The Protectors : Sloan Teresa Gabelman
The Protectors: Blaze Teresa Gabelman
The Puppet Master Stephen E Crockett
The Rabbit Joke Paul White
The Riddle of the Gods (Shiva XIV: Book 3) Lyra Shanti
The Rite of Wands Mackenzie Flohr
The Scattered Flock Jana Petken
The Seeker's Keys (The Treemakers Trilogy)gy Book 3) Christina L. Rozelle
The Set Delimma Posey Parks
The Shadow of Narwyrm Tom Fallwell
The Shape of My Soul Lynette Ferreira
The Shield of Soren D.M Cain
The Souvenir Emma Nichols
The Stonegate Sword Harry James Fox
the truth is out karen j mossman
The Unforgiven: Horror Anthology J.L Clayton
The Vampire Hunters Daughter Jennifer Malone Wright
The Wedding of Eithne Michael E. Dellert
The White Ribbon Collection Jade Whitfield, Julian Napier, Karen Raines, JP Uvalle, Tessa Valis, Cassie Ann L Millier, KM Cox, Ashlei Hawley, Leaona Luxx, Stacey Broadbent
The Winning Bid Michelle Windsor
Then Hell Followed (Journeyman book 5) Golden Czermak
Thirty Days in Technicolor Santana Blair
This Crazy Forbidden Thing London Casey/ Karolyn James
This Piece of My Soul Robyn M. Ryan
Thrown to the blue K j chspman
Timing is Everything Sybl Shae
Toli & Tessa (Las Vegas Sidewinders book 6) Kat Mizera
Tomoiya's Story: Collecting Tears C.A. King
Tomoiya's Story: Escape To Darkness C.A. King
Trackers Nicholas Sansbury Smith
TransVerse Theodore Ashford
Trinity Series Mixture CG Blade
Triple Cursed: Dark Indiscretions Book 4 Shakuita Johnson
Turning Point Bobby Akart
Twice Born TJ Green
Twice Upon a Time Santana Blair
U Turn Leaona Luxx
Under The Blood Moon Alexis Kennedy
Unravelling (Pairing Series Book 2) Christine Jayne Vann
untamed madeline dyer
Untitled Beauty C.E. Wilson
Unwrapping a Marriage Reana Malori & Michel Prince
Victor or Victim YM Zachery
Vindicta (The Liquidator Wars Book 1) PMattern and Kindra Sowder
VS: US VS UK Horror Dawn Cano
Waiting R.M. Gauthier
War Angel A.L. Mengel
Warrior Karen Lynch
We Could Be Heroes Sarah Dale
We Said Forever Marie James
We, the Forsaken Laken Cane
wedding of the dead PMattern and danielle james
Welcome To Central City Adam C Mitchell
Welcome To E. Mayberry Chris Genovese
Welcome to the Apocalypse - Pandora (BK1) D L Richardson
What am I? Veronique Poirier
Whatever it takes Stephanie Smith
When Darkness Breaks (The Underground Guardians Book 1) Brianna West
When Leaves Fall C.A. King
Where is the Frog? Kat McDermott
Where Old Aquaintance Be Forgot Jay Michael Wright II
White knuckles Autumn jones lake
Why Lie? Carey Heywood
Widows of the Empyrean Nikki Mewha
Wild Knight Jaxson Kidman
Windslinger JM Guillen
Wordless Alyne Roberts
Words on the Wind Cindy J. Smith
Worthy of the Dissonance (Mountains & Men book 3) RC Martin
Written in the Scars Adriana Locke
Yours to Love (Yours To... Book 1) Cathy Jackson
Zeeka Chronicles Brenda Mohammed
Zin's Wild Ride: A Shiva XIV Story Lyra Shanti
Check us out at Summer Indie Book Awards!

Friends, I look forward to your support when voting begins on September 1st, 2017.
Meanwhile, check out ZEEKA CHRONICLES.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

If you are are planning a vacation you should read Travel Memoirs with Pictures

I have earned 34 badges on TripADviser for my reviews of places, hotels, and restaurants around the world.
My latest badge is the readership badge for 50,000 readers.
Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the World is a book filled with reflections of the author's travels around the world.
She relates the family adventures and treats readers to a pictorial travel book of priceless memories.
She describes places visited and the wonderful times she and her family had in their tourist trips, not only in words but with an amazing photo collection.
The book is great to read while on a vacation or for some travel inspiration.
The book is available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

Here is the latest review by a fan:

A great and inspirational book!Five Stars
By Katie on March 18, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Brenda Mohammed is an award-winning author who writes in many genres. While many people travel, few of us are capable of sharing our experience in a meaningful and relevant way with strangers. This author does a superb job.

Her book is very personal and one can feel as if a friend were relating her travel impressions and giving us her tips. Paradoxically, this personal and openly subjective touch makes the tips about restaurants and other commercial places for tourists sound less biased than a professional guide book where it is often difficult to distinguish an honest review from a paid ad. In this book, we can read real first-hand accounts that are very precious to any explorers and travelers.

This book can inspire us when we plan our next vacation, it can also make us reflect on our own experience and realize what we might have missed when we visited a particular place, but it can also take us to places we do not have time or money to visit anytime soon. It’s also interesting to read a short entry about places that we consider our home since we cannot always see what makes them special unless we step away and look at them from a distance through a tourist’s eyes.

I found it exciting to read about places I visited and lived since the author has a keen eye and often notices thinks I don’t. But her chapter on Trinidad and Tobago, a place I have not been to, was probably the most interesting one to me. The author was born there and seems to know it very well. The ghost stories about the village of Lopinot make me want to visit and explore the place.

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Friday, 30 June 2017

A True Cancer Tale - A Heartfelt battle against the odds.

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence.
Have you ever been touched by cancer or know someone who has? Has a doctor. ever told you she could do nothing more for you? Do you know what it is like to undergo several months of chemotherapy sessions and cancer surgery in a foreign country? Have you experienced that feeling of imminent death?
I am Cancer Free - A Memoir, is a touching and emotional true story of a woman's battle with Ovarian Cancer. The killer disease threatened her life and financial well- being.
Her strong faith in God saw her through all the trials she had to undergo.
I am Cancer Free - A Memoir was voted Winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards 2016 in the category Non-Fiction.

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Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite.

I Am Cancer Free by Mrs. Brenda C. Mohammed is the poignant memoir of the author's personal battle with cancer. Her faith in God and proving that ovarian cancer need not be a death sentence are what make this memoir a heartrending read. The author's 'never say die' attitude, the decision not to give up in life, and finally being cancer-free will encourage everyone who has been diagnosed with the disease or who have suffered from cancer. The memoir recounts from the time of diagnosis the experiences the author went through during the treatment, her emotions, fears, finances, until the successful treatment of the disease. It is a courageous story of survival, faith, and strength.

The author chronicles every step of her journey methodically, without leaving anything out, making the narration very personal, honest, and palpable to readers. The presence of God in everyone's life, a positive attitude, and the power of prayers run through the memoir. The author reiterates the fact that faith in God removes all obstacles in life. The conversational style of writing connects well with readers, making it easy for them to understand her journey. The author has also shared the poems she wrote during that phase in her life, where she again speaks about her story, faith in the Lord, and a Higher Power. For all those who are suffering from cancer and are battling the disease, this book is a must-read as it will give them hope, strength, and courage to fight the disease.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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