Sunday, 18 May 2014

PRESS RELEASE : BRENDA MOHAMMED JOINS BOOK DAILY.COM is pleased to announce that BRENDA MOHAMMED of SAN FERNANDO, TRINIDAD will be featured on the popular book sampling site – joining the ranks of the most famous authors in the world.
As a featured author, the first chapters of YOUR TIME IS NOW books are now available to thousands of readers to sample – free of charge. At BookDaily, book fans can browse, search and read first chapters from a selection of more than 80,000 titles.

BRENDA is currently promoting YOUR TIME IS NOW – A TIME TO BE BORN AND A TIME TO DIE. This book, YOUR TIME IS NOW, written by Mrs. Brenda Mohammed, was an inspiration from the heart. She was driven by a force beyond her to put these words on paper for all to read and understand that there is a time for everything and every purpose under the sun.

MRS. BRENDA MOHAMMED has been inspired to write many other books but this one she regards as special. She has always had a deep, abiding faith and she has never wavered from it. These written words exude a power which can revitalize our belief and faith in a higher being. Your time is now!! This is the call she puts out for all. It is her clarion call. Reading this book will surely make us think more deeply about why we have been put on this earth.

This is what one person who read the book and wrote a review about it had to say”
"A true story told with pure intentions and deep feelings. It's simplicity and well scripted chapters grow into each other methodically and freely. The reader is impelled to move on with ease and comfort. There is a pervasive humility in each incident which truly reflects the author's character and personality. Her pride in her heritage and family ties touches deep into the soul and absorbs the attention of the reader. Personal circumstances told, reflect her openness to inform and tutor at the same time, what one can derive from challenges unexpected, if rooted in the trust one places in God.
The author's implicit belief in divine intervention summarizes her message. I have enjoyed, I have been touched and have had my personal convictions reiterated in this most interesting and soul searching book. I recommend it to all especially to you who in times when the clouds grow dark- the silver linings emerge to remind us of a light emerging on the other side. This is the author's story." The reviewer gave the book a five star review.

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