Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Five Star Review for Reunion of the Blood by John Hennessy

The Tale of the Vampires continues in this spine-chilling tale, “Reunion of the Blood.”
Vampires and humans plot to kill the head vampire and two younger ones.
Gretchen wanted revenge for the killing of her husband and for turning her into a vampire. A male vampire agreed to help her,but he had ulterior motives.
The head vampire also had other plans for Gretchen.
Two brothers of Juliana were at loggerheads because one wanted to kill her and the other insisted on saving her.
Nina’s mother, a police officer, was searching for the two brothers to punish them for kidnapping their daughter and allowing her to be turned into a vampire by their sister.
A deacon and Mariana’s helper were also on a quest to kill Mariana.
The name of the book, “Reunion of the Blood” is suitable for the events that took place. The vampires convened once every eleven years and that was the year of the reunion.
The book is the goriest of the five, and readers who are following the story would not want to miss how it all turned out.
If you have not read the first four books in this vampire series, I suggest that you read them before starting this one.
With every book I have read by John Hennessy, I have learnt more about vampires.
The author has a talent for bringing out traits in characters in ingenious ways and he must be commended for this skill.
I look forward to “Dawn of a new Breed.”