Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Revenge of Zeeka:Horror Trilogy - New Book Cover

Readers will observe that i am updating my book covers and there are more to come.
This is the new book cover for Revenge of Zeeka:HorrorTrilogy.
I hope that you like it.


Blood and Mayhem.
A vengeful mysterious scientist, zombies unleashing terror, and two cool detectives, all in an island setting, will send chills up your spine in this horror trilogy.
Join the hunt in this gory trilogy for futuristic zombies and their clever Mastermind Zeeka.
Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy is a multi-layered zombie tale in the year 2036 in a small exotic island called Gosh.
High - tech methods used in the year 2036 for zombie killing will amaze readers.
If you like fast- paced action, themes that make you think, and sub-plots with love and romance, you will love this horror trilogy.

Get the book at this link - Amazon Universal Link