Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dream Angel (An Angel Novel Book 1) is an Intriguing Story.


After the death of Stevie’s father, life becomes hard growing up. Stevie’s mother, Sara, an alcoholic, and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, has forced Stevie to live a life of uncertainty, bouncing from town to town, living in cheap hotels and barely scraping by.

On the eve of Stevie’s eighteenth birthday, Sara announces that they are moving once again. This time, the place of destination is a small town in the Deep South of Louisiana.

On the first day of the new school, the alluring Aidan Bane swaggers into Stevie’s English class and from that point on, Stevie’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn.

Thrust into a magical world of extraordinaire, Stevie begins to unveil her true inheritance and that nothing is what it seems. And as tension builds, Stevie becomes suspicious of the charming Aidan Bane that he may be the mastermind behind the strange and eerie events encircling her.

When Stevie comes to live at Aidan’s castle, she stumbles upon a private conversation. As her mistrust becomes real, Stevie discovers that Aidan has been keeping dark secrets that he is a member of the occult, known as the Illuminati, and he and his vile uncle are conspiring to take her life.

With the stakes high and surrounded by evil forces threatening her life, Stevie must make a life - altering decision, that might cost her her life. No one can be trusted, but despite the risk, Stevie turns to Aidan for help.

Can Aidan be trusted or is he truly the prince of darkness?

Darkly romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, Dream Angel captures the struggle between defying our hearts and quenching our desires.

MY REVIEW - Five Stars

Dream Angel is an intriguing tale of deceit, treachery, murder, and the occult.

Stephanie Ray suffered abuse and neglect all her life. She struggled to put up with her Mom Sara’s bipolar disorder and their sudden, frequent moves to new towns. As Stephanie described it, “it was not a walk in the park.” She claimed that she dreaded Sara’s highs, lows, and manic episodes, and her mother’s roller-coaster stints left her little time for fun stuff. Her only friends were her neighbor, Miss Noel, and Jen, a schoolmate. She and her mother could not speak to each other without getting into an argument each time.
Her attraction to a male student at her school draws her into a diabolical plot by Lords of the Underworld, her discovery about her birth, and DNA.
From then the story took a new and intricate turn.
Jane West did an excellent job of portraying the characters in this novel with her superb descriptions and scenes filled with suspense. The book was a page-turner, with numerous twists and turns, and the tale was gripping. She is another talented writer waiting to be discovered.
I thank Jane West for gifting me a copy of this book.