Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Free Books for Readers

It is a New Year and this year I plan to do things differently.
I am working on Book 5 of Revenge of Zeeka and hope to have that published before April 2017.
I am also working on other stories which I would be publishing in due course.
Meanwhile, I want to give you my readers an opportunity to participate in my blog posts.
How would you do that?
Each week I am going to give away one of my books FREE.
All you have to do is to read and post a review on Amazon.
I will choose from those reviews to publish to my blog.
I am aware of Amazon's New Rules for reviews.
A reviewer must be a customer of Amazon and have purchased at least $50.00 worth of merchandise.
If you are unable to post your review on Amazon please send it to my email address at
The first book in Revenge of Zeeka is already free to download on Amazon.
Here is the link to download the book. AMAZON
Next week I will be giving away Book2 - Zeeka's Child.