Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Zeeka Returns - Revenge of Zeeka Book 3

This week I am featuring Zeeka Returns:Revenge of Zeeka Book 3.


Killer zombies, Robots, and high tech weapons abound in Zeeka Returns (Revenge of Zeeka Book 3) i
Zeeka is apprehended but was it by the police?
How were the zombies captured?
What is Zeeka's fate?
Read the exciting end to this science fiction horror trilogy.
It is the third book in the series Revenge of Zeeka:Horror Trilogy, which obtained a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite International in September 2016.


"Brilliant: If I am not mistaken, this third book was originally meant to be the last one in the series but the good news is that there is already Revenge of Zeeka Book 4 out. The author seems to be a genius in writing short pieces that seem to be complete and finished stories in themselves, yet they all leave some space for a next book. This third book could easily be read and enjoyed without knowledge of the previous books in the series. The author reminds us of all the important information without boring the readers who are already familiar with it. This requires some special talent few writers have. It also enables readers to read these books in any order. I read this book long after the first book and shortly after the second book and I was never lost. I will still want to read the fourth book pretty soon for the simple reason that I can't wait to read it.
My favorite character was Miranda, the perfect woman. She is a result of very advanced technology, just as all the zombies in these books are. Her appearance in the third book makes me more hopeful about human progress. While the story of zombies points out the potential misuse of science, Miranda shows its positive side, which is only good for the overall balance in my opinion."

Amazon Reviewer.Kate

There is still time to read the four books in the series before I release Book 5.
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