Monday, 6 March 2017

Strength for Parents of Missing Children by Author Marie White

"Some of us have had our child abducted off the street. Others of us have had our child abducted by a family member. There are those who have had our child abducted by a governmental agency. Some have had a child run away. No two stories are exactly alike. But the pain and emotional roller coaster are the same."
The above quote is from 'Strength for Parents of Missing Children' by Marie White.
I have had the opportunity to read this book while assisting in the editing.
I never had a missing child.
However, this book has inspired me and I know that the contents will be a great inspiration to all Parents who have lost children.
Get the book for someone who has lost a child.
It is on Pre-order. You will be glad you did. Get the book at this link