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Journey of an Educator

Book Description

Do you know that at one time Education was not a priority?
Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator, is the historical memoir of an Educator.

It was indeed a struggle for the young teacher Andrew, but he overcame all obstacles and became a trailblazer in Education in his country climbing the ladder from classroom management to school principal.and superintendent.
Later in life, he became a Presiding Elder in his church and preached many sermons, some of which are appended to his biography.
His story is both motivational and inspiring.

An Amazon Reviewer stated, "The book in its lifelike and meaningful way depicts the story of a great man, a true exemplar, a national hero."


ByJosephine Calabrese on February 22, 2017
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Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator
Brenda Mohammed

Reading of Dr. Andrew Moonir's youth, life as an educator and church leader, I have come to know this man as a decent man, individual of good character, and a man who thought, planned out, and in a step-by-step process persevered to achieve his goals. Great men aren't forgotten and all learn from such men.

If a documentary hasn't been done on Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan's Life, his life should be filmed in a documentary. He is an inspiration.

Josephine Calabrese
Writer, Lyricist, Publisher, and Teacher

5.0 out of 5 starsA remarkable man.
By L.K on January 30, 2015
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Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Mooonir Khan is an account about the life and accomplishments of a remarkable individual.He came from humble beginnings, overcame adversity and through perseverance and a proactive spirit, became successful. Dr. A. M Khan exemplifies what a headmaster should be, through his unrelenting passion for education. His popularity among his students and excellence in their academic performances is a testimony to this. His conviction in his faith, along with sheer determination and courage, propelled him to make significant contributions as a leader in society, that will always be remembered.

National hero
ByC.H on March 3, 2015
5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Format: Paperback
The memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan presented by his daughter, author, Brenda Mohammed, records the life story of Dr. Khan as told by himself in the memoirs he so graciously bequeath to all of us who knew and loved him.
This reviewer has had a teacher-pupil relationship with Dr. Khan and has benefitted tremendously from the exposure to high standards in the educational and spiritual atmosphere he provided.
The memoirs tell the story of a man burnt by the vicissitudes of life, challenging and bitter times, yet has emerged renewed, reinvigorated, refined and restored- a life exemplary in every way.
The autobiography is a true reflection of the author's love for and belief in truth, his high standards of etiquette and his pursuit of model writing skills in the English Language.
The simple, comprehensive, yet sophisticated presentation leaves the reader fascinated and curious to know more of a life that offers much to be emulated.
The physical and emotional traumas shared in the book bring deep feelings of sympathy and empathy. Overcoming early childhood bad experiences through divine intervention strengthens the reader's faith in God. The travails of a teacher aspiring to ascend the ladder of progress met with misplaced opposition inspires dignified patience.
The unreserved and unconditional dedication to family life inspires noble parenting. The zest "to follow knowledge like a singing star beyond the reach of human thought" inspires a passionate mind.
To live the life that God expects us to live, as the author's work demonstrates, inspires discipline and devotion. Nothing less is expected, as the book in its lifelike and meaningful way depicts the story of "a great man, a true exemplar, a national hero."

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