Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Stories People Love

Book Description

Short Stories of Crime, Adventure and Love are contained in Stories People Love.
1. A Headmaster's Daughter - When little value was placed on education for girls, a passionate young Christian girl finds true love with a brilliant scholar.
2. Travel Dreams of Yesterday - Two young adventurous girls take a trip across the world.
3. The Dirtiest of all evils - A thrilling murder mystery that demonstrates brotherly love.
4. Age Difference - A Love Story. True love knows no bounds but can there be a limit to the age of your partner?


These are indeed stories that people will love to read -some fiction and some truthful.
The Headmaster's Daughter dates back to the 1950's.
This story gives an excellent idea of how life was lived during those days.
The strict Headmaster was feared by everyone but love conquered all in the end.
Children obeyed their parents no matter what.
Education was the goal of many and Paul in spite of having to leave his love behind went ahead to further his studies.
That caused great admiration for him and when he returned to ask for Marie's hand in marriage, her father readily agreed.
Marie's dream had come true.
True love and further education were brought to her door.
This is indeed a remarkable story and should be read by everyone who believes love conquers all and there is always a whispering hope in the air.

Travel Dreams of Yesterday is an exciting, true story of two girls travelling abroad for the first time. This story gives details of all the fun and adventures they had and the many challenges faced and how they were overcome. Their beautiful memories stay with them always.
The author has even included a poem about this first travel abroad.

The Dirtiest of all Evils; tells the story of murder, a change from her other stories.
It is nail-biting and grips you with fear and anxiety.
Belief in God changed the entire plot.
Read why Mark was set free.

Age Difference was a beautiful love story which was well told.

The book is available in Kindle and Paperback at Amazon Universal Link.