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Five- Star Reviews for Retirement is Fun: When one door closes, another opens

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Retirement is fun received three five-star reviews within the past two months.

Book Description:

Women and Men who have crossed fifty should not pass up this book.
Retirement is when you stop working to live and start working at living.
When one door closes, another opens.
In her memoir Retirement is Fun which is a sequel to her first memoir My Life as a Banker - A Life Worth Living, Brenda describes her many wonderful experiences at the end of her banking career.
Her new job brought more opportunities to travel the world, have fun, and enjoy life.
She grasped opportunities as they fell in her path.
Is your life over when you retire?
Brenda dispels that fear.
She proves that retirement is a time to enjoy life and earn too.
Despite facing many challenges such as cancer, deaths of loved ones, and an accident, which made her realize that life is very short, she triumphantly moves on to accomplish more.
Brenda increased her skills in areas she never thought possible.
She has proven that when she retired from her first job she definitely did not retire from life.
For her, Retirement is indeed fun and she has written about her fun experiences as well as sad ones in this personal memoir on Retirement.

Review 1.

Retirement Is Fun is an enjoyable account of life after retirement, written by an amazing author, Brenda Mohammed.
Ms. Mohammed recounts in great detail her decision to embark on a totally new career, with its ensuing challenges and rewards, after retiring from a successful career in banking.
"Why not?" was her mental approach as she entered the world of insurance, quickly rising to the top of the profession as she continually worked tirelessly to increase her skills and abilities.
Retirement Is Fun is not only a testament to her success, but to her absolute enjoyment of life and everything it has to offer.
Ms. Mohammed writes about her professional successes, but also of her personal life.
The reader gets to know her extended family as they are such an integral part of her life.
She enjoys her family, travels often and extensively throughout the world, revels in her grandchildren and is a marvelous example of how much one can achieve in life.
Such an enjoyable read!
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Review 2.

The novel Retirement is Fun by Brenda Mohammed may be deceptively read as an account of a continuous intercontinental road trip.
However, Retirement is Fun can more accurately read as the saga of the quiet determination of an unassuming heroine to maintain and promote social cohesion and interdependence of the family as she knows it.
Brenda gives life to the family which in turn gives life to her.
It’s the web of family closeness facilitated by Brenda from she draws strength in her darkest hour as she is afflicted with cancer and successfully grapples with retirement.
The family dynamics begs interpretation and one finds it in the context of the social and cultural background of the collectivist substrata.
It is in Brenda’s indefatigable efforts to champion the cause of family even as she journeys through a series of sicknesses, births, and deaths sequences and remains unfazed that a true hero is born.

Review 3

Enlightening and inspiring, author Brenda Mohammed takes us through a bird's eye view turned fly on the wall look at her life.
Banking? Insurance? Exotic holidays? For some of us, such a life is beyond our reach.
For those of us to strive just be a little bit better at what we do, each and every day, we are the kind of reader suited to this book.

Anyone can read it, but you will be pleasantly surprised just how the author takes on new challenges with gusto.
True, she has a large family and strong network of friends egging her on, but this is clearly her own tale, and how retirement is anything but a door closing.

It is a new opening, a new chapter, and it is fun to read as well as have some very poignant moments in it.
A great companion to her other memoirs, but stands well on its own.
Far from being something to fear, the author teaches the reader to really go for it in life.
The author was probably an alpha female before the phrase was even coined.
Nicely done.

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