Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Bout with Cancer

My story may be similar to many others.
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer eight years ago.
So what’s new?
What is so different about my story?
To tell you the truth, the fact that I am alive today and Cancer Free
after eight years says a lot.
 Doesn’t it?
I am alive today… thanks to my faith in God, the loving support of my husband,
my siblings, relatives, and friends,
 I definitely cannot forget the skilled hands of renowned surgeons abroad,
 and last but not least INSURANCE.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen…... if it were not for Insurance how would I have
paid those exorbitant bills abroad?
This is how it all happened.
I was going about my business normally early in the year 2005 when I fell slightly ill.
I thought it was nothing to panic about, but I visited the doctor anyway.
She seemed concerned. I was not.
She sent me for numerous tests which all proved to be inconclusive.
She insisted that I do a hysterectomy.
I felt it was all a waste of time.
I had made so many plans that year. I wanted to do so many exciting things.
My husband and I had planned to spend a vacation in Anguilla in May that year,
with my son and family.
I also had plans to attend the Million Dollar Round Table Conference in June that year.
 I had already signed up to write an Insurance examination in early August.
I refused to change any of my plans.
I told my doctor to schedule the surgery for late August 2005.
She warned me that I was not taking her seriously but I wanted
 to stick to my original plans……… and I did.
My husband and I went to Anguilla, I attended the MDRT meeting
 in New Orleans, and I wrote the Insurance exam. [I passed with flying colours too]
On August 29th 2005 the surgery was performed.
I thought that would be the end of my problem, but when the doctor
came to see me the next day she said otherwise.
The procedure had been interrupted as she found a tumour attached to
my left ovary, and she, not being an oncologist could not continue the surgery.
She sealed me back up and said that she could do nothing further for me.
She sent samples to the lab to be tested and expected the worst.
She discharged me from the nursing home and
told my husband to collect the lab results and return with me to see her
when he collected them.
It was only then I realized that my situation was a serious one.
I had my suspicions that I may have had cancer.
I confided this to one of my sisters but she said that could not be possible.
A couple of days after, the results were ready and my husband collected the
envelope which was addressed to the doctor.
I took the envelope from him and ripped it open.
My suspicions were confirmed.
I had a cancerous tumour inside of me.
Several thoughts passed through my mind.
What if it could not be removed?
Was I going to die?
It was late in the evening and we could not see the doctor
until the following morning.
I could hardly sleep a wink that night.
When we took the  results to the doctor in the morning, she said there was nothing further that she could do
and she knew no doctor in Trinidad to whom she could recommend me.
She said that if I had relatives abroad I could make arrangements
to see a doctor abroad.
She gave me no hope and I really felt that I was going to die.
My husband and I returned home feeling dejected.
I was still too weak from the surgery to move about, but I started
putting things in place in the event of my death.
Luckily we have a daughter who lives in Miami.
My husband discussed the position with her and after she
was able to contain herself from the shocking news, she spoke to
her doctor who recommended a renowned surgeon at
The Sylvester Cancer Centre, University of Miami.
She made an appointment for me to see that doctor.
My husband then made the travel arrangements.
The rest is history.
I had surgery and six sessions of chemotherapy.
Every hair on my body fell off except those on my eyebrows.
I know that some of you are trying to picture that right now. [laugh]
I thought I looked horrible but my children, sisters and husband soon changed my mind.
I bought five wigs in different styles and colours.
By the way I have no need for those wigs anymore.
My hair grew back.
The cost of the medical treatment would have been great cause for concern.
The total cost was US$ 123,000.00,  which is the equivalent
to TT$787,200.00.
 How were we going to pay that vast sum?
Well, thank God for Insurance.
I had two Critical Illness Policies and Health Insurances with two
well known Insurance Companies.
Insurance paid all my bills.
I always liked this Insurance Ad I see on TV.
It goes like this…”Insurance is a promise to pay.”
Insurance is indeed a promise to pay.
Insurance has not only helped me in my bout with cancer,
but in all other walks of life.
I wrote an EBook which is called, “The True Value ofInsurance”.
I also wrote an EBook on my Cancer story entitled, ”I amCancer Free”.
Both are available on Amazon Kindle.