Friday, 7 February 2014

Living from your Soul - Neale Donald Walsch

I joined Neale Donald Walsch's Webinar on Thursday night ...The One Secret to finding what you have been searching for your entire life.
I must say that I learned a thing or two.

Neale asks the following:

"Do you ever feel . . .

Misunderstood or unappreciated by your co-workers, family or friends
A longing to find the right relationship or a deeper level of intimacy with your current partner
Unable to fully be yourself in your job because your co-workers don’t share your values or vision
That your gifts and talents are under-expressed or still hidden inside you
Disengaged from life, with a chronic low-grade depression
That you aren’t experiencing a rich spiritual life—in spite of having invested in many years of personal and spiritual growth
Alone even when you’re with others or participating in community activities
A longing to “run away” from your life or move to a different town and “start over” without all the baggage and difficult memories

Even if you’ve achieved some or all of your life goals—the better job, the better home, the more compatible romantic partner, the new town or improved health—you probably still don’t feel as joyful or content as you thought you would.
The problem is that even when you get what you want in life, without having a deep connection to your own soul, there’s just no way for those things to make you truly happy or fulfilled.

Maybe you’re trying to be a more selfless and awakened person—a hard-working, fair and trustworthy friend.

Maybe you’re even making progress with the work you’re doing on yourself, though slowly.

But you probably sense that simply making incremental improvements in your life can’t really be the solution to feeling so stuck . . . and it isn’t.

No matter how much progress you make, you’ll still feel the emptiness in your life that can only be filled by those moments when you are truly living from your soul.
You’re not the only one who feels this way

Billions of people since the dawn of civilization have felt the same frustrations about life you’re feeling right now.
And the reason is simple: we’ve all been trying to solve the wrong problems or focusing on the wrong things—things that will never make us feel happy and fulfilled.

We’ve been going after the better job, the better partner, the better lifestyle, the better town . . . but none of those things will connect us with our truest self.

Those are things that simply don’t matter when it comes to creating a life that’s the full expression of your highest self."

Neale said that in everything you do ask yourself. "What does this have to do with the agenda of my soul?"

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto you."
Join Neale on Saturday for a repeat of the Webinar. Connect with him on his Facebook Page ...Evolving Wisdom..