Friday, 20 June 2014

Book Review - Heart- warming Tales

The following is a review of the book from one of my readers.I have omitted her name for obvious reason.

The book is available from Amazon and Create Space in Kindle and paperback.

Three well-written, easy to read, and light-hearted stories coupled with some interesting insights from a late older brother
on June 19, 2014
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This collection consists of three short stories and a set of letters written to the author by her late elder brother.

The first story, "The Psychiatrist and the Thief" is a story about Dr. Brown who is assaulted by a thief who had
previously kidnapped his secretary. In a story that could have had disastrous consequences, the author skilfully turns around the plot and has the thief apprehended. The theme of this story is: "Crime does not pay." The setting is universal and the events could occur in any business or home.

The two other stories, "Marriage on the Rocks" and "The Undertaker's Wife" both take place in the author's native Trinidad.
The theme of both stories is "Love conquers all." In the first story, the wife, Maria, is discontented when her wealthy husband gambled away all his money and then moves the family from the city to a rural area where he begins farming the land he had inherited from his parents. She leaves her husband and children and goes to the city in search of adventure. When her husband finds her a year later, he is able to forgive her and welcome her back into his life.

In "The Undertaker's Wife", we have a suspicious wife who believes her husband is involved in underhand activity and decides to spy on him. However, she soon discovers that his business is legitimate and that he actually runs a big funeral parlor. The couple reconcile in the end and there is no more suspicion on either part.

These stories are uplifting in that they demonstrate the better part of human nature and show how fulfilling life is when people can forgive one another and live in harmony.

The last portion of this book is non-fiction. These are actual letters written by the author's late elder brother. His letters reveal his personal thoughts and feelings on life. He shares his philosophical and religious views and reveals his own insights.
These letters are a great addition to the collection of short stories since they all deal with human nature. In the stories, the author shows her imagination, creativity, and insight into human character. Reading them helps one restore one's faith in human nature.