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Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan - A Great Educator in Trinidad and Tobago

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan - A Great Educator in Trinidad and Tobago is a historical memoir. Since it has been published, it has been on the bookshelves of past and present Presidents in Trinidad and Tobago. The book reviews speak for themselves. It is the biography of one man's journey in the field of Education when Education was not considered a priority in Trinidad and Tobago. It was indeed a struggle for young Andrew but he overcame all obstacles and reached the highest pinnacle of his career.His story is both motivational and inspiring.

The following are the top reviews:

5.0 out of 5 starsGenuinely Interesting and useful
on March 31, 2016
Format: Paperback
There is a need for books like this one- books which document the struggle of the first generations of immigrants and their children to carve a place in their society , and then provide the foundation for the next generation to achieve even greater success. In broad terms, this is general knowledge. What is valuable in this book is the step by step description detailing the road- map by which one successful educator did so. What is also appreciated is the incidental description of day to day life in pre-independence Trinidad. Congratulations - post- humous though they have to be- to Dr. Khan for the foresight in documenting his memoirs for the benefit of those who -generations later - are curious about the journey. Congratulations also to the biographer -his daughter -Brenda - for identifying the need for these memoirs to be published - and to receive a wider audience than just his family, as well as undertaking the task of bringing the book into being. I would recommend this book for its insights into the secret of success and its transmission to later generations.

5.0 out of 5 starsNational hero
By C.H on March 3, 2015
Format: Paperback
The memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan presented by his daughter, author, Brenda Mohammed, records the life story of Dr. Khan as told by himself in the memoirs he so graciously bequeathed to all of us who knew and loved him.
This reviewer has had a teacher-pupil relationship with Dr. Khan and has benefitted tremendously from the exposure to high standards in the educational and spiritual atmosphere he provided.
The memoirs tell the story of a man burnt by the vicissitudes of life, challenging and bitter times, yet has emerged renewed, reinvigorated, refined and restored- a life exemplary in every way.
The autobiography is a true reflection of the author's love for and belief in truth, his high standards of etiquette and his pursuit of model writing skills in English Language.
The simple, comprehensive, yet sophisticated presentation leaves the reader fascinated and curious to know more of a life that offers much to be emulated.
The physical and emotional traumas shared in the book bring deep feelings of sympathy and empathy. Overcoming early childhood bad experiences through divine intervention strengthens the reader's faith in God. The travails of a teacher aspiring to ascend the ladder of progress met with misplaced opposition inspires dignified patience.
The unreserved and unconditional dedication to family life inspires noble parenting. The zest "to follow knowledge like a singing star beyond the reach of human thought" inspires a passionate mind.
To live the life that God expects us to live, as the author's work demonstrates, inspires discipline and devotion. Nothing less is expected, as the book in its lifelike and meaningful way depicts the story of "a great man, a true exemplar, a national hero."

5.0 out of 5 starsA glimpse into the life of Trinidad in the early twentieth century ensconced in the autobiography of a great educator
By Arabella Persaud on January 28, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This book is a fascinating account of the life and career of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan as he advances from teacher to Headmaster, to Inspector of schools and later Senior inspector of schools before his retirement in 1965 at the required age of 60.
The book is put together by one of his daughters, Brenda, who serves as narrator. The story is actually told in the first person, in Dr. Khan's own words, as he relates his experiences throughout his life and career in the island of Trinidad.
Born to parents who emigrated from India in the late nineteenth century, Dr. Khan describes his simple yet idyllic childhood in the countryside.
He loved nature and enjoyed a closeness with his parents. The era in which he grew up was one of zero technology. There was no electricity or any modern day conveniences in those days. However, his childhood was happy and he fondly remembers the stories told to him by his mother.
Dr. Khan recalls his first adventures in school and his natural abilities. However, he was unable to attend school for four years at one stage because of an unexplained illness for which his mother eventually found a cure. He finally was able to return to school and excelled in his studies. Dr. Khan eventually started working under the pupil-teacher system in Trinidad and rose through the ranks very quickly.
In this book, we see the difficulties of operating a school in a society that did not value education. It was the teacher's responsibility to collect children and take them to school. As a young teacher, Dr. Khan had to awake early to collect the boys and girls of the village to take them to school. This was not an easy task. However, it was necessary for him to keep his job. With hard work and sheer determination,
Dr. Khan's career advanced at a rapid rate.

Dr. Khan's rise from humble beginnings to a successful educator is inspiring. The advances in his career are amazing. His family life is interesting. His words of wisdom are everlasting and should be adopted by the younger generation. The world- view portrayed in the book is fascinating. The book documents the changes in Trinidad from a colonial nation to an independent country in 1962. The progress throughout the country during the period of Dr. Khan's life is evident in the change of his living conditions.

Dr. Khan remains humble and acknowledges that his success could not have come from himself alone. He praises his wife, his family, and his constant faith in God. After his retirement, he achieved what he had always dreamed of. He wrote and submitted a thesis to the Florida State Christian University and was granted a Ph.D. degree in Education. He also spent most of his time working on numerous committees at the Marabella Presbyterian Church and the Synod. Not only was he a tireless educator, but he was a firm believer in God and in doing what was right and just. He kept on contributing to society all he could until his death in 1975.

Everyone can benefit from reading this autobiography and seeing how one simple man's extraordinary faith, struggle, and determination allowed him to achieve more than he had ever thought possible. The book clearly shows us that success is attainable for anyone who is willing to reach for it. I recommend this book highly

5.0 out of 5 starsA remarkable man.
By L.K on January 30, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Mooonir Khan is an account about the life and accomplishments of a remarkable individual.He came from humble beginnings, overcame adversity and through perseverance and a proactive spirit, became successful. Dr. A. M Khan exemplifies what a headmaster should be, through his unrelenting passion for education. His popularity among his students and excellence in their academic performances is a testimony to this. His conviction in his faith, along with sheer determination and courage, propelled him to make significant contributions as a leader in society, that will always be remembered.

Inspirational and reminiscent book 5.0 out of 5 stars.
ByReviewed.By.Meon December 1, 2014
Format: Paperback
Dr. Khan's memoirs highlight his professional and personal accomplishments at a time when education was not a seen as a valuable resource. Reading about his life back in the 1950's and how much he accomplished in his field is personally inspiring. His writing remains relevant today such as his views on education, women, family and hard work. The author did a good job in organizing his life events and inspiring letters written about him. This book makes me believe I can do anything once I set my mind to it