Monday, 28 November 2016

Dawn of the New Breed (A Tale of Vampires) by John Hennessy


Just how long will a vampire wait for revenge?

Buy Dawn of the New Breed to find out in the prequel to the best-selling vampire series.

The full-length prequel to Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires #1).

England, 1472. A teenage Mariana Claremont is having a secret liaison with England’s premier soldier and commander of the King’s army.

Unhappy with their union, separatists amongst the Kingdom set in motion a plan that will change England and Scotland forever.

Several centuries later, three vulnerable children catch the eye of a bloodthirsty yet lonely vampire. Will they escape the clutches of the vampire or usher in a new dawn of the undead?

n Dawn of the New Breed Author John Hennessy has sought to provide the background of Mariana Claremont, the Head Vampire in his Tale of Vampires Series.
Mariana was someone who had her young life, her unborn baby, and her lover, stolen from her five hundred years before when England and Scotland were frequently at war. At age seventeen Mariana and Francis Weston, a General in the King’s court fell in love. Weston planned to marry her, but fate had other plans for them.
Mariana's life changed forever when she was attacked by a demon. She disliked her new state at first, but survival was her greatest instinct.
Part II of the Book introduces us to Marcus, Rocco, and Juliana - the stars of Murderous Little Darlings.
To prevent spoilers, I will say no more.
For those of you who love vampire stories and have been following the Vampire series, you will not want to miss Dawn of The New Breed.