Monday, 13 March 2017

Spotlight on an Artist/Author - Mickey Thomas

Today's spotlight is on Mickey Thomas, Author of the Grass Swale: Living with Guilt, Depression and PTSD
Mickey is a member of The Real Lives Group - a subgroup of Books Go Social.

Here is the Book Description:

At the age of fifteen Mickey loses his older brother who is killed in a car accident; an accident that took split second timing for two cars to come in contact on a remote highway in rural Iowa. At age twenty he arrives in Vietnam as a US Marine Corp Infantryman.
The Grass Swale is a section of footpath in Vietnam that changes the lives of six Marines, including the author, who lives with the mental anguish and nightmares caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mickey shares his life story with a sense of humor only those who know him can appreciate.
I have been told by a professional that you must be present during an event for it to cause PTSD. Call it what you want but events such as the death of my brother and its effect on me will also never go away. In Arnold Palmer’s book, A Golfer’s Life, he describes an event while at Wake Forest, where his roommate and golf team member was killed in a car accident. He had been invited to go along by his roommate but declined. He describes that event as a “shadow” in his life.
I, for one, understand exactly what he meant. My shadow has been darker, much darker. The fact I was not present when Bucky hit the booby trap does not take the anxiety away; what effect has it had on his life, how could things have been different, what could I have done?
It could have been me. Why wasn’t it? Did it happen to me in another place or time?

The book, which is very popular, is available on Amazon at this link. CLICK HERE
You can also check out his Author Page HERE

Mickey Thomas does not believe that he would write another book. He is now an artist painting with acrylics on Canvas.

This is what he said in his own words.

"I am a grandfather of five, father of 4 daughters, and married to Hope, my wife of 41 years. I grew up in rural Iowa, the middle of three boys. I lost my older brother, Larry, in a car accident when I was 15 years old. Larry had asked me to go with him that night but I declined; a decision I have regretted my entire life. At the age of 20, I am a US Marine Infantryman in Vietnam. The Grass Swale is a section of footpath in Vietnam that changes my life as well as five other Marines.

I began writing about the trauma in my life at the suggestion of a VA counselor to help heal my mental wounds. Wounds leave scars and I have learned to live with them mostly from the love of my wife and children. My wife, Hope, and other family members encouraged me to write this memoir in order to help others who have suffered from trauma.

I enjoy reading biographies and history as a general rule but my favorite authors are Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain. As in music, a great song crosses all genres; the same applies to great books.

I don’t believe I will write another book. My interest now is painting with acrylics on canvas or working with nature’s canvas and creating a landscape for enjoyment by family and friends. I will send a few pictures for your critique. Thank you for this opportunity to share with your readers."

Note by Brenda Mohammed
I am an Artist myself and paint in my spare time. I am very impressed with Mickey's paintings.
Best of luck in your future endeavors, Mickey.