Wednesday, 8 March 2017

This book is not about Retirement from Life

When people hear the word Retirement they pull back. No one wants to feel that he or she is a retiree. This book will tell you that when you retire from one job there are others lined up for you. You just need to choose wisely.

Here is an extract from Retirement is Fun:

Here is an extract from the book, ‘Retirement is Fun – A New Chapter':

'On Sunday night, the MDRT [Million Dollar Round table] welcome reception was held in the Stadium at the Invesco Field, which is the football field of the Denver Broncos.

The posh Adam’s Mark Hotel was one of the hotels reserved by MDRT to be a meeting place, where members assembled to be transported to the Stadium for the welcome reception.
The Million Dollar Round Table is the Premier Association of Financial Professionals and has nothing to do with your financial status.
Dozens of buses pulled up at the hotel to take us to our destination.
When we arrived there, popular music bands entertained us.
There were lots to eat and drink.
It was remarkable to see agents from every part of the world having such a good time together.
I met many of my other friends from other agencies and we enjoyed the night together.
At the MDRT Conference, on all three days, the speakers held our attention with their dynamic presentations.
One of the speakers was a young teacher who won the Teacher of the Year award in America.
He said that he wrote a book and sent it to Oprah Winfrey.
She invited him on her show, spoke about the book and held the book close to her heart.
The next day his book was Number One in America. He used the royalties to open a chain of schools in America.
I wondered if I could be so lucky if I submitted my book to her.'

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