Monday, 19 June 2017

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence


Almost eight years after my battle with Ovarian Cancer, I decided to write the book, “I am Cancer Free.”
My thoughts were that I was still alive, although my doctor in Trinidad had given up on me eight years before when she performed a hysterectomy and could not remove the tumour.
I believe that my story would help others in similar situations to get other doctors’ opinions, even if it means going to another country to do so.
Do not rely on the first one.
For eight years, the feeling that I would die remained with me. Even after the doctor in Miami declared me Cancer Free after seven months of treatment and surgery, I asked him, “How long do I have?” He looked at me in the eye and told me, “Brenda, I just told you that you are cancer free. Enjoy living.”
In my book, I spoke about what I did after each chemotherapy session, which was always on a Friday.
Although my body was filled with Taxol and Carboplatin, I felt energized and wanted to go shopping and eat in restaurants. I never lost my appetite. I could have eaten any food I wanted. I had chemotherapy on Fridays and no pain until Sundays, when I experienced bone pains, which the doctor told me to expect. It has been ten years since I am Cancer Free.
The cost of the medical treatment would have been great cause for concern.
Well, thank God for Insurance. I had two Critical Illness Policies and Health Insurances with two well - known Insurance Companies.
The only problem was that I had to fork out that money before the Insurance Companies reimbursed me.
Luckily, as I mentioned in an earlier chapter I had negotiated and secured a large credit limit on my credit card, and I utilized that to my advantage. I also got bonus miles on that credit card which helped me to travel to and from Miami for my last three chemotherapy sessions.
In the final analysis, Insurance paid my bills, although it was a hassle to get them to do so. I always liked an Insurance advertisement I saw on Television.
It goes like this. “Insurance is a promise to pay.” Insurance has not only helped me in my bout with cancer but in all other aspects of my life.
I must also mention the generosity of my former employers at the bank where I worked before I moved on to the Insurance business. They sent me a cheque for a rather substantial amount to help me pay my medical bills.
I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the kindness of everyone who supported me at a time when I faced my greatest challenge in life.

Read the book for my advice to family and friends of loved ones who may be going through cancer treatment.
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