Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Do not let the word Retirement fool you. Read this Book.

When one door closes another opens.
Travel the world, have fun, enjoy life, and grasp opportunities as they fall in your path.
In her book Retirement is Fun - A New Chapter, which is a sequel to her autobiography My Life as a Banker - A Life Worth Living, Brenda describes her many wonderful experiences at the end of her banking career.
Is your life over when you retire?
Brenda dispels that fear.
She proves that retirement is a time to enjoy life.
Despite facing many challenges such as cancer, deaths of loved ones, and an accident, which made her realize that life is very short, she triumphantly moves on to accomplish more.
After her banking career, she landed a new job in an Insurance company and had numerous travel opportunities.
She increased her skills in areas she never thought possible.
Brenda has surely proven that when she retired from her first job she definitely did not retire from life.
For her, Retirement is indeed fun and she has written about her fun experiences in this personal memoir on Retirement.
Retirement is Fun: A new Chapter was a nominee in the Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016 in the category Bio/Memoirs.

The book has a new Cover.
This is a book you would want to read.
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Here is an extract from the Book:

'On Monday, the opening day of the Million Dollar Round Table Conference in Anaheim, California, many celebrities thrilled us with their messages.
One such celebrity was Queen Noor of Jordan, who spoke of the need for dialogue in all aspects of life. Her topic was The Power of Dialogue.
Another speaker was Loung Ung, a most dynamic speaker. Her topic was, Given a Chance, which tied back to her Memoir, First, they killed my Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers.
Her book chronicles the brutality of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, from the author’s forced ”evacuation” of Phnom Penh in 1975 to her family’s subsequent movements from town to town and eventual separation.
Her story was most touching and there was not a dry eye in the hundreds of Financial Advisors present.
I have in my possession a copy of the MDRT’s 2004 proceedings.
At the end of her presentation, she left us with these words:

When you return to your businesses, I hope you will think of my story and seek out someone in your community who needs to be given a chance to succeed. When you hear about a child left behind from a school trip due to poverty, please consider what your help can mean to that child. When a family from another culture joins your community, know that the friendship you share means a chance to learn, to laugh, and to succeed in a new world. When you leave this room, I challenge you to extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. Appreciate the value of a kind word. Sometimes the little things mean so much. You have the opportunity to change the world. You must start at home. Invest in people. For me, a painful road was filled with kindness; kindness recognized much later but now seen for what it was, the chance to go beyond surviving to thriving. I am so grateful.”

Thousands of members from across the world attended the Conference, which lasted until Wednesday of that week.
In his opening speech, the President of the MDRT said that we, the MDRT Members, were among the top 1% in the Insurance Industry in the world.
It felt good to be among the best.
‘Wow’ was the theme of the Conference, which provided us with motivational and educational experiences that kept thousands of members from seventy-one countries around the world, going back each year.
The programs were rich with the experience and knowledge of speakers, and their life-altering stories on the Main Platform, which sent us back home with renewed and invigorated spirits.
Of course, we took time off to sightsee as well.
After the Conference ended, we took tour buses to Universal Studios, Disneyland, and the Hollywood Boulevard.