Sunday, 18 June 2017

My Tribute to My Father on Father's Day.

What better way to pay tribute to my Father on Fathers Day but by promoting his Biography.
Book Description
Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator, is the memoir of a great Educator.
Do you know that at one time Education was not a priority?
The young teacher Andrew overcame all obstacles and became a trailblazer in Education in his country climbing the ladder from classroom management to school principal.and superintendent of schools.
Later in life, he became a Presiding Elder in his church and preached many sermons, some of which are appended to his biography.
His story is both motivational and inspiring.
An Amazon Reviewer stated, "The book in its lifelike and meaningful way depicts the story of a great man, a true exemplar, a national hero."

Brief History about Dr. Khan

He started his career as a pupil teacher at the Exchange Presbyterian School at the age of seventeen. He pursued and passed all studies for the Pupil Teachers’ and Teachers’ Examinations. He completed the Teachers’ Certificate Examination in 1927, and at the age of twenty- two, attended Naparima Training College, where he graduated with distinctions in four subjects two years later.
After his graduation from Naparima Teachers Training College, he taught at the Waterloo Presbyterian School, Exchange Presbyterian School, Preysal Presbyterian School, Elswick Presbyterian School, and Princes Town Presbyterian School.
His first appointment as a Headmaster was in January 1938 at the age of thirty- three years at the Jubilee Presbyterian School twelve miles southwest of Sangre Grande.
Eight months thereafter, the Board of Education appointed him as Headmaster of the Union Presbyterian School where he spent almost fifteen successful years of his career as a Headmaster. He was instrumental in building a church in that area, as well as in having the school rebuilt to accommodate a growing school population.
Between 1944 and 1945, he studied and obtained the College of Preceptors Diploma and earned the designation A.C.P.
He also gained membership in the Royal Society of Teachers, earning the designation M.R.S.T.
The Board of Education appointed him as Head Master of the Penal Presbyterian School in 1952 and he was granted the opportunity to act as an Inspector of Schools for one month in September 1953.
During 1954 to 1955, he spent one academic year at the London University Institute of Education, studying Post Primary methods, on a Government scholarship.
He obtained the title A.I.E. [Associate of the Institute of Education], after submitting a 580-page thesis on “An Appraisal of the Secondary Modern School and its suitability for Trinidad and Tobago.”
He gained the Bachelor of Education degree from the Columbia University, U.S.A. after submitting a thesis on “Development of Primary Education in Trinidad.”
He was promoted as Headmaster of the Grant Memorial Presbyterian School in April 1956 and on 5th July 1956, he was promoted to the Inspectorate as the District Inspector of Education in Sangre Grande and North Eastern Counties.
After two years, he was returned to the South as Senior Inspector of Schools, Southeastern counties, until his retirement in November 1965.
In 1971, he took the Presiding Elders’ Course and was ordained a Presiding Elder with License to administer the sacraments in the Presbyterian Church.
In 1973, he obtained a Doctorate in Education from the Florida State Christian University after submitting a resume on his theoretical and practical achievements in the field of Education, a Book Report of the Sociology of Religion, and a thesis on Education and Social Change.
Dr. Khan was married to Beatrice Mary Khan who gave him unstinting support throughout his life. His belief in Education transferred to their ten children, twenty-nine grandchildren, and other relatives, who all held, and continue to hold positions of great importance, some in their home country, and some abroad.
Sir Isaac Hyatali T.C. K.B., former Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, [now deceased], and a legend himself, who wrote the foreword for the original book produced in 1989 remarked, “He was one of the greatest intellectuals in this society.” Sir Hyatali’s foreword is appended at the back.
Trinidad and Tobago need more citizens of the calibre of Dr. Khan, and indeed much more to follow the example of such a dedicated man, who made numerous and outstanding contributions to church and country in spite of the odds against him.
His peers described him as one of the pioneers of educational statecraft. This book is dedicated to all who knew Dr. Khan and to all those who start at the bottom of the ladder.
Dr. Khan died in 1975. The Presbyterian Teachers’ Association and Board of Men honoured him with gold medals posthumously for faithful service to the Presbyterian Church for several years.
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