Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Travel Memoirs - My first trip abroad was unforgettable

My first trip abroad was unforgettable.
I had long leave of 3 months from the bank where I worked after seven years of employment.
Another co-worker and I teamed up and went to New York, Canada, London, Germany, and Holland.
The initial intention was to visit my sister and her family in Germany, but we got a great bargain to visit those other countries on our way to Germany.
My sister's husband was a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force which was stationed in Wildenrath, Germany at the time.

That memorable trip is part of my memoirs in two books - "My Life as a Banker: A life Worth Living,"

and "Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the World," which is a pictorial book of precious memories.

I also wrote a poem and the first two verses begin with that trip.
Listen to the narration in the video above.
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