Thursday, 14 January 2016

Five Star Review of Stormling - Book One of The Legends of Mordana Series (An Epic Fantasy): Book One of The Legends of Mordana Series (Book One of the Mordana Chronicles 1) John Hennessy

Over the past few days I was caught up in John Hennessy’s world of Stormlings, Storm Lords, sorceresses, elves, dwarves, giants, stormbirds and other creatures, gem stones, as well as the mystical powers of some beings.
Although Paranormal Fantasy is not my preferred genre, I read the 500 page book to the very end and found it most intriguing.
John is a talented and skilled writer and his writings impressed me.
He deserves full marks for his imagination, creativity, and writing skills, and for putting together such a story filled with so many characters with the strangest of names..
I enjoyed the book and would be reading more of his books.
I must add that I would like to see this book made into a movie. It has good potential for one.