Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Best Article in the Newspapers today.

The only article in the Trinidad Guardian Newspapers today that grabbed my attention, was an article by a Trinidadian student who came first in the world in her law exams. Her name is Victrina Cuffie.

Here are extracts of the article:

"Let's get it straight from the inception: Success comes in a world of reality, not fantasy! So let's be real.
We cannot talk motivation without rational - the Why factor. Rationale is the gasoline in the vehicle of motivation.
Why make the huge sacrifice to study for success?
The world has the richest rewards reserved for problem solvers; not problem creators or complainers
When you face a problem with the propensity of an optimist, to find a solution, you are an asset.
When you face a problem with the attitude of a pessimist, to fuss and complain,you become a manufacturer of compounded problems.
Nobody, yea, no employer wants the latter.
Your problem - solving skills are your goldmine.
Bill Gates became the world's richest man because he decided to solve 'computer - related problems.'
A carpenter solves building problems, a doctor solves medical problems, and a lawyer solves legal problems.
In the world of work skillful problem solvers have the greatest competitive advantage; the greatest scope, not just for incremental, but exponential upward mobility.
You are employed to solve problems.
Actually the essence of your Divine Destiny is problem -solving.
The destiny/purpose of Christ was problem solving.
He came to solve the redemption problem.
So don't be afraid of the word 'problem.' It actually gives you your richest value.
Your problem-solving skills may be your greatest asset.
Don't look at the problem in the opportunity, but the opportunity in the problem.