Thursday, 12 May 2016

Five Star Review for Seer of Souls by Susan Faw

Susan Faw leads us into a fantasy world in her book “Seer of Souls (The Spirit Shield Saga, Book One).”

Who was the Seer of Souls?

The truth of the birth of Cayden and Avery was kept a secret for seventeen years. A wizard who knew that secret was alive and imprisoned in the Queen’s castle.
The wicked queen wished to capture and execute them because of a well-known Primordial prophesy. Evil spirits hunted Cayden, but his magical powers helped him evade them.
Ziona and Sharisha who were Primordial beings were searching for Cayden and Avery to protect them.

Cayden volunteered to join the legion to save his father from abuse by a soldier. He had to undergo many hardships but that made him stronger in preparation for his role. Ziona was always at his side.

When he made his way to the castle, he was betrayed by one, who he thought was his friend. He was imprisoned, but was fortunate to meet the wizard, who helped him escape, and took him to the Well of Souls.

Cayden was shocked to hear the truth about his heritage, which was finally revealed by the wizard.
There are many twists and turns before the conclusion of this story.

Susan Faw is an excellent writer and I am sure that her next book will be just as good as this one was.