Monday, 13 June 2016

A Tale of Futuristic Zombies and their Mastermind Zeeka

'Revenge of Zeeka : Horror Trilogy', consists of all three kindle short reads in the Zeeka and the Zombies series. I have chosen to put all three stories together in one book as it makes for easier reading. My choice of technology in the year 2036 for zombie killing may be new to readers.
This book is for fans of horror and mystery thrillers and the books are quite suitable for young adults and teens.

The three parts of the book all received five-star reviews.

Those of you who read 'Revenge of Zeeka:Zeeka and the Zombies,' know that it is a multi-layered introduction to a much bigger zombie tale of futuristic zombies and their mastermind Zeeka.

If you have read 'Zeeka's Child' you will realize that the plot got very complicated, but in the end, Zeeka was revealed.

Still, there was much more to come in Zeeka Returns. The manhunt by the police and Zeeka's capture were all part of the plot, but the way these events occurred, and the methods used, brought an exciting conclusion to the story.

The entire story was set in the year 2036, so you will have an inkling of my idea of the future when you read this suspenseful, mystery, horror thriller.

And now dear readers, I have a surprise for you.
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