Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Heart - Warming Tales has a new Cover

Heart= Warming Tales is getting a new cover soon. Look out for it.

Heart - Warming Tales consists of four unusual and enjoyable tales of Comedy, Crime, Love, Infidelity, Unhappy Marriages, and Dead Business, all in one book.

"The Psychiatrist and the Thief," is a short comedy- mystery.
"Her Online Predator" is an exciting mystery - thriller /romance. It is a must read especially for young people who like to make friends on the Internet..That friend you make may not be who he/she claims to be.
"A Marriage on the Rocks," is about a young couple in an unhappy marriage. Did their marriage survive?
"The Undertaker's wife" is about a suspicious wife who doubted her husband.
A reviewer commented that this book of short stories is intriguing and full of pleasant characters.

See One of the latest Five Star Review

Fun and fear-filled fables for a modern audience
By Kato's Revenge on January 15, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This is the second collection of stories I have read in a row. This author is new to me so it is interesting to pick up this writer's particular 'voice' and over the course of this book, it comes across well.

Her Online Predator is perhaps the best of a strong bunch of stories, with Marriage On the Rocks a close second (though the male character Roberto was a little too subservient to his wife for my liking). The Undertaker's Wife has a wonderful underlying plot - we can probably see what is coming before the end, and its cool to see the MC freaking out along the way,before the big reveal is made.

All the stories are well written and readable. The stories are different from each other and make for interesting reading. Recommended.