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Heart-Warming Tales of Comedy, Crime, Love, Infidelity, Unhappy Marriages and Dead Business

I discovered this five - star review for Heart - Warming Tales on Barnes and Nobles


Heart - Warming Tales consists of four unusual and enjoyable tales of Comedy, Crime, Love, Infidelity, Unhappy Marriages, and Dead Business, all in one book.

"The Psychiatrist and the Thief," is a short comedy- mystery.
"Her Online Predator" is an exciting mystery - thriller /romance. It is a must read especially for young people who like to make friends on the Internet..That friend you make may not be who he/she claims to be.
"A Marriage on the Rocks," is about a young couple in an unhappy marriage. Did their marriage survive?
"The Undertaker's wife" is about a suspicious wife who doubted her husband.

Heart Warming Tales written by Brenda Mohammed

729 days ago

Heart Warming Tales written by Brenda Mohammed will indeed warm your hearts during and after reading. The stories are well written and extremely interesting. They grab your attention and I guarantee you will not put down the book until you have completed reading it.

You will surely want to keep on turning page after page.
The Book begins with The Psychiatrist and the Thief.
This story displays the vivid imagination of the author.
It has a surprising middle and ending and will hold your attention throughout.
The next story is entitled A Marriage on the Rocks.
This story deals with the love a husband has for his wife.
It teaches us that we must try to face life's challenges and forgive each other's weaknesses.
Reading this story will surely assist us in knowing the true art of forgiveness.
The Undertaker's Wife teaches us to trust our loved ones, and never keep secrets from them.
This story will truly warm the heart.
It teaches us to understand each other's differences and not let fear and distrust rule our lives.
Reading these stories will indeed give an insight into many values and virtues which we should all practise in our daily lives. The author has to be congratulated for sharing her imagination and vision with others, making us feel the things she feels.

Here is a five star review from Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 starsI enjoyed these short stories
By Lacey on May 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I enjoyed these short stories. Each tale was interesting and different and very enjoyable. The second story in the book “Her Online Predator” is something that everyone should read. I don’t want to give away the story by giving too many details away but it’s something that people need to think about when they are using the internet. As well as being enjoyable the stories also make you think. I will be reading more from Brenda 

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