Monday, 21 November 2016

For those diagnosed with cancer and those who love them.

Marie Author of the YouTube Channel BIBLE STORIES FOR ADULTS reviewed I AM CANCER FREE - A MEMOIR.
This is the transcript of the Video:

Review by Marie Author – I am Cancer Free
Published on Nov 21, 2016(Today)

Guess what i just got in the mail - Brenda Mohammed's book I am Cancer Free
Let me tell you about this book. The book was short and is a great read.
If you are battling cancer or know someone who is, this is a fantastic book to read.
Brenda tells her journey of going through cancer and surviving, and not only surviving but also coming out cancer free.
One of the things that stood out for me in this book is that I am NOT going through cancer, nor do I have anyone in my family who
have, so there are certain preconceived notions I have about what cancer treatment is like, and how it should be addressed by the people around them. So this book really takes you step-by-step.

You understand what the treatments are like. You understand how the body reacts and gives you great ideas on how you can go ahead and help somebody who's in that situation. There were things that I learned from this book - like to call the person, ask if they want to go shopping,
take them a meal, or take them out to eat things that I would be thinking they're too tired or too sick to do. By reading this book I realize those are great things to do.
This was really a fantastic read.
You're going to enjoy it.
Like I said it's short so it's not something that someone who is going through the cancer treatment wouldn't have the ability to read.
It is very short and simple to the point of encouraging.
It's got all the glory.
I think you're going to love it so check out I am Cancer Free by Brenda Mohammed.
Go check it on Amazon today or you can check out her website at the link below.

To get any of Brenda's books go to AMAZON UNIVERSAL LINK

I AM CANCER FREE was the Winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards 2016.