Sunday, 19 March 2017

Travel Memoirs

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Travel Memoirs with Pictures
by Katie
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Brenda Mohammed is an award-winning author who writes in many genres.
While many people travel, few of us are capable of sharing our experience in a meaningful and relevant way with strangers. This author does a superb job.

Her book is very personal and one can feel as if a friend were relating her travel impressions and giving us her tips.
Paradoxically, this personal and openly subjective touch makes the tips about restaurants and other commercial places for tourists sound less biased than a professional guide book where it is often difficult to distinguish an honest review from a paid ad.
In this book, we can read real first-hand accounts that are very precious to any explorers and travelers.

This book can inspire us when we plan our next vacation, it can also make us reflect on our own experience and realize what we might have missed when we visited a particular place, but it can also take us to places we do not have time or money to visit anytime soon.
It’s also interesting to read a short entry about places that we consider our home since we cannot always see what makes them special unless we step away and look at them from a distance through a tourist’s eyes.

I found it exciting to read about places I visited and lived since the author has a keen eye and often notices things I don’t.
But her chapter on Trinidad and Tobago, a place I have not been to, was probably the most interesting one to me. The author was born there and seems to know it very well.
The ghost stories about the village of Lopinot make me want to visit and explore the place.

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