Friday, 24 March 2017

What is Squeaky Doo up to?

Adventures of Squeaky Doo : A Teddy Bear's Adventures is the Travel Memoirs of Squeaky Doo.
Unfortunately, Squeaky Doo meets with disaster each time he travels.
Children will fall in love with Squeaky Doo who relates each story himself.
1. Squeaky Doo on the Beach - What perils will he face?
2. Squeaky Doo in California - Will he get lost?
3. Squeaky Doo in Orlando - Can he escape misfortune?
4.Squeaky Doo goes on a Cruise - Will he get left on the ship?
5.Squeaky Doo in Trinidad - In such an exotic island what can go wrong?
This short story collection teaches children Geography, Cultures, and love for pets.
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