Saturday, 3 December 2016

My husband finally read my book - Retirement is Fun: A New Chapter

My husband finally read my book "Retirement is Fun : A New Chapter."
He decided to read the book prior to attending a retirement party for one of my relatives.
He commented as follows:
" This is a wonderful account of your Retirement and all the things you have accomplished after leaving your first job.
You have demonstrated that Life does not stop at Retirement.
Life is about the choices you make.
Retirement is really a New Chapter.
You have proven this."

Retirement is Fun : A New Chapter was referred to at that function by one of the speakers.
She said 'Retirement is Fun : A New Chapter is the best book she read on Retirement and that she will recommend it to all.
Incidentally, she was the person who wrote the Foreword to the book.
Here it is :


Have you thought about your retirement, which will take place sometime in the future?
Many persons dread retirement. Some even look forward to it.
When you read this book, “Retirement is Fun” written by Mrs. Brenda Mohammed you will realize that no matter how you may think of your retirement, when you do retire, it can be a season of great joy and happiness. You will begin to realize too, that when one door closes another even more beautiful door opens for you.
You are truly able to see the beauty of life, and enjoy the beauty of time, time to spend with your children, grandchildren, siblings and to explore new horizons just like the author did.
She was able to face many of life’s challenges too when they did occur because of the beauty of the unlimited time and unconditional love of her family.
So all readers, my advice to you is to keep working while you are young and look forward to those glorious days of retirement ahead of you.
Read this book and see the wonders of retirement experienced first-hand by the author who at first was devastated by her sudden retirement in her still youthful days.
She learned through her many experiences that retirement is a time to enjoy life.
The author has undoubtedly proved that when she retired from her first job, she did not retire from life.

Florabelle Lutchman [Retired School Principal]

Retirement is Fun was a Nominee in Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016.
The book is available at Amazon
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