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New Release Zeeka's Ghost : Book 4 of Revenge of Zeeka gained two five-star reviews


Zeeka’s Ghost by Brenda Mohammed is now available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Page Foundry, Scribd, Tolino, and 24 Symbols.
Cover Art is by the talented Sharon Brownlie.

Zeeka’s Ghost is the fourth book in the Revenge of Zeeka Series. While the book works as a standalone, readers who have not read the first three stories would not want to miss the action and suspense of the entire story.


1. Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka and the Zombies [Book 1] – Book Description:

Original and based on current events.

This book is the first in a science fiction thriller series about futuristic zombies and their Master Zeeka, set in the year 2036.
It is original and based on current events.
Twenty years before, in 2016, the zika virus epidemic raged over the small scenic island of Gosh off the coast of South America.
Zika infected hundreds of pregnant women, and they produced stillborn babies at the end of their term.
Twenty years later, in the year 2036, at the island's national Carnival celebrations a band parading as sailors wreaked havoc on spectators, killing and maiming several of them.
Who was responsible for this violent act and how will this all end?
If you love zombie thrillers, futuristic zombies at that, with a mix of love and romance, do not miss this action-packed read, which is PermaFree at all your favorite bookstores.

2. Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka’s Child [Book 2] – Book Description:

Kidnapping, Arson, and killer zombies.

The second in the series of the science fiction novella "Revenge of Zeeka," evolves into a more complicated plot.
Detectives Jack Wildy and Jerry Cole have to deal with kidnapping, threatened suicide, and arson. They also uncover major corruption in the Police Force, and a few 'skeletons' jump out of the closet.
In a shocking turn of events, Zeeka is revealed.
Who is the mystery Master Zeeka, and who is Zeeka's child?

3. Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka Returns [Book 3] – Book Description:

Killer zombies, Robots, High tech weapons

Zeeka Returns is the exciting conclusion to this horror trilogy about futuristic zombies and their Master Zeeka set in the year 2036.
Zeeka, involved in the most heinous of crimes is apprehended, not by the police, who for weeks were in the forested area searching for him and his nine flesh-eating zombies, but by a beautiful woman.
Zeeka abandons his zombies, runs from the police in the forest, gun in hand, and was trapped by a woman.
Who is this heroic woman?
What high tech methods were used to kill zombies in 2036?
What is Zeeka's fate?

4. Zeeka's Ghost: Book 4 - Book Description:

Swift. Silent. Ghostly

Zeeka’s Ghost appears to Steven and he feels the ghost has evil intentions.
Coupled with that, Steven discovers that he and Mandy are the targets of unknown enemies and their lives are at stake.
Stephen must find a way to hunt down and apprehend these ruthless maniacs and save his beloved wife.
Is Zeeka’s Ghost here to harm or help?


John Hennessy rated it 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Zeeka's Ghost
It was amazing

Zeeka's back. As if you could keep a good zombie down But he's more than the mad scientist/zombie fascinated persona of the earlier books, and in this fourth installment, the ghost of a demon haunts our eponymous hero Steven into near madness.

The thought that he hadn't quite seen off Zeeka haunts him, until the ghost of the title becomes more than just pangs of regret in his mind. The story centres more around Steven so returns to the original concept bore out in book one. This rounding of the story arc is interesting and a good way to handle it.

The other characters are there too, but they play a secondary role in Zeeka's Ghost.

Probably the best of the Zeeka stories to date, author Brenda Mohammed is to be congratulated on another take of zombies and now ghosts!

I think anyone could read this as the horror elements are PG-13 / Cert 12 rated. But more mature readers will pick up on regrets we have as we age and experience life.

A final word must go to the cover - it's excellent and captures the essence of the book brilliantly.

Second Review:

A thrill ride
By Reviewed.By.Me on October 13, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Extending from her Zeeka and the Zombies trilogy is Mohammed's most nostalgic offering, Zeeka's Ghost. Zeeka is back but not at all how you expect. Unresolved issues, regrets and love are all splendidly woven together with the right mix of startling plot twists the author is masterful at. Fans of the series will not be disappointed and new fans will be caught up to speed in no time. Another thrilling read!


Each book is available as a short read. However, all three stories are also available in one book – Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy, which was published in May 2016.
Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy was a nominee in Metamorph’s Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016. The book also received a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite on September 14th, 2016.

The Book is available at Amazon
Nook, Kobo, Apple, 24 Symbols, Scribd, Page Foundry, and Tolino at this link. Click Here.