Monday, 14 November 2016

Could Retirement be Fun?


A well-written chronicle of the author's experiences and adventures since her retirement from a long career in the bank
By Arabella Persaud on August 26, 2014
Five stars
Format: Paperback
This inspiring book tells of the many adventures experienced by the author after retiring from a banking career at a youthful age.
She talks about her new career in the insurance business and narrates, with meticulous detail, the many wonderful experiences
in her new life including the birth of her grandchildren, her meeting of new friends, her travels abroad, and her continued enjoyment of life. For her, life certainly did not stop at retirement.

Throughout the book, the author demonstrates a positive outlook on everything that happens in her life. Not only did she endure wonderful experiences, but she also had a bout with cancer and a terrible accident in Miami. She interprets these negative events in a positive light by using them to show how her faith helped her to overcome these obstacles.

The author's appreciation of life is evident as she treasures every moment with her family and the time she shares with them.

As in her previous books, the author once again exhibits a remarkable memory for details as she provides a meticulous description of all her activities since retirement. The style is simple and readable.

The book shows that life certainly does not end when one retires.
Life continues and one must live with a positive and determined spirit to continue experiencing the joy of life
and to discover one's hidden talents.

I enjoyed the positive spirit shown by the author in this book. She demonstrates that it is one's attitude that counts towards one's enjoyment of life.

This book is recommended for all retirees or persons contemplating retirement.

The book takes the reader on a journey of fun and adventure through many travels
By L.K on October 6, 2014 Five stars
Format: Kindle Edition
"Retirement is Fun", is a seamless account of family life, hard work and dedication. The author talks about her impressive career from banker to insurance agent, to lifetime member of the company that she worked for. Through it all, she beat the odds of life-threatening health problems. The book takes the reader on a journey of fun and adventure through many travels , work and family life, that make retirement seem worthwhile.