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Author Spotlight with Brenda Mohammed

Short Bio

Brenda, a multi-genre author, lives on the beautiful tropical island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.
A former Bank Manager and Insurance Professional, she turned to writing after she retired from the corporate world.
Brenda loves to travel. She has written sixteen books to date: six memoirs, one children's book, four short story collections, and a horror
series of five books.

When choosing a name for your characters, what do you consider about them that determines what you finally call them?

I think about the role I have planned for my characters before I name them.
For instance, in one of my books, Revenge of Zeeka – A Trilogy, I introduced a female robot and named her Miranda.
One reviewer could not help but refer to her in his review.“The highlight is Miranda (oh, Miranda!), whose presence gives a lot of weight and realism to the futuristic theme and setting of 2036.”

Did you have a collection in mind when you were writing them?

I wrote four collections of short stories. “Heart- Warming Tales,” “Stories People Love,” “Revenge of Zeeka – A Trilogy,”
and "Zeeka Chronicles."
At first I wrote several stories as kindle short reads, but later on, I put all the stories into the above books.

How did you choose which stories to include and in what order?

The first collection, “Heart-Warming Tales,” are four stories based on real life events.
One reviewer had this to say about the book,“Heart Warming Tales is a short book of stories with intriguing plots and pleasant characters. Although each story is set within the real world, there seems to be a fantastical quality to each. The style of the writing is satisfyingly simple and easy to follow.”

The second collection, “Stories People Love” contains four short stories of crime, adventure, and love.

A reviewer referred to this book as “a collection of stories all connected by the common theme of hope.”
Another said, "This is a neat and extremely readable collection and shows an author who is able to write fiction and non-fiction elements seamlessly. It's not an easy combination and yet the author pulls it off admirably."
The third collection, “Revenge of Zeeka – A Trilogy,” was only released on 4th May 2016.

The story, which is set in the year 2036, was told in three parts, which are also available as Kindle short reads.
The book received a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers favorite in September 2016.
I thought of ending the series at that point, but Zeeka got into my head and I wrote two more books making the number of books in the series five.
That is why, I published Zeeka Chronicles, the fourth collection of short stories.

The series is all about Zeeka, and his intent on revenge for something that occurred twenty years before.

Do you have a “reader” in mind when you write stories?

I write for both young adults and mature audiences.

What do you do to get book reviews? What is the best review you ever got?

I depend on purchasers of my books to do reviews, but that does not always happen.
I had several Free promotions on Amazon Kindle Publishing and had thousands of downloads, but I received no reviews from these promotions.
I received Five Star reviews for most of my books from verified purchasers, and it is hard to say which is the best review I ever got.
However, I do like this review for Zeeka Chronicles as I found it quite perky.

"5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Teens and up will adore this book
By Amazon Reviewer
March 9, 2017
Format: Paperback
I was thrilled to receive my advance copy of this book because it contains all five Zeeka stories, which are among my favorite spooky reads.
This series is about the havoc the sinister Zeeka and his Zombies unleashed on a little island in the Caribbean and the impact on people who live there.
The darker side of humanity is explored with unforeseeable plot twists taking the reader down a sometimes grisly path.
Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I eventually emerged with feelings of redemption and satisfaction.
Future tech is highlighted throughout the series making me desire one of the book's robot helpers who does dishes and kicks butt too."

What does the word “story” mean to you?

A story is an account of real or fictitious events.
The plot and characters must be appealing to readers.
When I write, I bear this in mind.

Have any of your books won any awards?

"I am Cancer Free: A Memoir' won the McGrath House Publishing Award in the Category Non-Fiction in November 2016.
The book also received a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite in February 2017.

My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living was voted second in Bio/Memoirs in the Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards in September 2016.

Retirement is Fun: A New Chapter was also a Nominee in the Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards in September 2016.

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