Monday, 2 May 2016

Revenge of Zeeka - A Trilogy

Revenge of Zeeka - A Trilogy, is now available.

The book contains the three stories as follows:

Zeeka and the Zombies

Zeeka's Child

Zeeka's Return

Each book received favourable reviews by readers.

Here is an extract from each review.

Zeeka and the Zombies
A great short Five Stars
By Shazzie on March 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Brenda Mohammed has produced a great short story in Revenge of Zeeka. The plot isn't complex but it has been delivered in a way the reader is kept interested as the pages are turned. The plot is driven forward by dialogue which is I feel for this length of story is good.

Character detail is good and romance and intrigued are played out in this well written zombie story. Everything is not as it seems and the author keeps you guessing. Among the characters is a detective, Jack Wilby. He is likeable and believable. Hopefully, Mohammed will allow us to meet him again in another story?

Zeeka's Child

Twists and turns galore Five Stars
By Mom R. on March 28, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
I was caught off guard and my mind was twisted and turned a few times by the much stronger plot in book 2. Many of the first book's questions are revealed here and I'm itching for more.

Zeeka's Return

A gloriously gory end to the Zeeka legend... Five Stars
By Kato's Revenge on April 24, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Zeeka Returns is the pleasing third installment in the Zeeka and the Zombies series. What I have observed through reading each tale in sequence is a significant level up in terms of writing style and character development. That is no easy task in a short story format, and given Zeeka Returns is the longest of the three, it should be noted that it is still a short story. One wonders how our antagonist from book one is going to prevail - or not, as the case may be.

Perhaps it is a testament to the author that her main characters are not necessarily the most important ones for me. Book two introduced us to cop duo Wildy and Cole, and their dynamic worked well in Zeeka's Child, it is far better and more realised here. I enjoyed these two and would read on if they were to appear in another series.

The island of Gosh, once such a pleasant idyllic place to live, is now little short of a terror zone, where the threat of a zombie attack has the residents looking like they are going about their normal business, but in truth, they are not - they are scared, and rightly so.

Away from the police manhunt (zombie hunt?) Steve, Raynor and other friends reminisce about old times with hopes that there will be new times ahead for them to enjoy.

Perhaps the best innovation for the story - and befitting one set in the not too distant future, is the very welcome introduction of robot Miranda. Oh I'm sure by 2036 we'll all have one in our homes, but I like this design far better than Paulie's Bot in Rocky IV (1985 seems a very long time ago when I revisit that film). She's introduced as a home help but this is just one layer to her character design, and it's a joy to see her develop.

Ultimately Zeeka Returns answers the considerable set up given to us in books one and two. Will the now not so mysterious Zeeka pay for his crimes? Will he come willingly, and what will happen to the rogue group of zombies now free to unless carnage on the island? That's the main question to be answered and readers won't be disappointed with the story's end.

The key characters remain strong with the secondary ones providing functional support to the narrative whilst not overloading the story with
an unnecessary plot diversion. If anything, Zeeka's Return is the lightest of the the books in terms of script, so reader won't lose the thread of the story even if they put it down for a while.

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